Sunday, June 11, 2017

Activity update

It's been over two months since I joined Mass Collapse. Recently I was told I "passed" the trial period and became a full member. I was not really aware of the trial, but nevertheless, I was a little surprised. Surprised, because I haven't been most active member. I've been on what you can call - EVE vacation. Logging here and there, participating in some fleets, but far from daily activity. I've literally had 3 weeks without shooting anything. I felt bad as Mass Collapse is a great corp and I should definitely contribute more, but I'm very happy they decided to keep me around.

As you might remember, I started up some trading again. On and off, but managed to earn around 40 billions in 2 months time until my motivation died again. I am utilizing free trading hubs for lower taxes, but they get destroyed and it's a pain to reenlist items. Using main station is too expensive as for my trading strategy (low margins) I can't compete with ones in free hubs. Anyway, the point is, that something happened. I was ganked. You might think what's the big deal? Well, not really a big deal, however I never afk haul and I use blockade runners that are immune to cargo scanners. I have Tornadoes on my overview and If there's a risk, I cloak up. However, the way I was ganked was very unexpected. I got suicide tackled before I could enter warp. At first I was quite confused on what's going on as no ships showed up on overview. Only half through shield, I realized what's happening. Fortunately, I lost only 2 billion, which was day's work at the time. If I come after a break, I can haul much more than that.

I know using blockade runners is not most secure. It's risky, but I liked that they stay sort of under the radar, have cargo space and are fast. You can't scan the cargo and it reduces the risk to be "watchlisted", and if you don't afk and keep an eye on overview for Tornadoes, it's quite safe. I've been hauling this way for many years without an incident. Gankers were dedicated HS hauler gankers. It was not a personal attack. Regardless, I decided to change up. Now all my stuff will be hauled only in transport Tengus. It's a bit annoying, since I have few larger materials like large smartbombs, that I can't always fit in, but It's either that, or risk more ganks.


My latest addiction has been with Gwent. It's a card game that I used to play in Witcher 3. It's very fun and addictive. I've never played any card games before, but I enjoy real board games. I knew about HearthStone and that some people had a blast with it, but I never wanted to start it, as I knew how greedy Blizzard is and that I won't have time to invest to fully enjoy and build decks without investing a fortune. Gwent, however, is very different. Or so I heard from people in Reddit, but so far I am very happy with the progress I'm making. Also, because it's made by CDPR, Witcher 3 creators, I feel a need to contribute. I can't express how much enjoyment Witcher 3 gave me. I still haven't even finished the Blood and Wine expansion . I also tremendously enjoyed Gwent quests there. How can I not support this project? I highly recommend to give it a shot. It's still in Open Beta, so timing is perfect.