Saturday, January 13, 2018

A short revisit to Ninja Salvaging

I've popped into high-sec. For someone living in wormholes for an extensive amount of time, getting out of the dark space to the empire is like leaving a cave. All this light burns my eyes! I thought to myself it's been awhile since I meddled in high-sec business. Time to time I scan for Mobile Tractor Unit kills in the surrounding systems. Some people like to shoot MTUs with shiny ships. I often think of setting up a trap, but it takes a lot of dedication. With watch-list removed, there is no quick way of telling if pilot is logged. It's not a bad thing, I was just not feeling camping for extended period of time. I checked some people I have marked and when I couldn't find them, pondered what I should do next.

Ninja Salvaging is one of the things I like to do during my time in high-sec. I went to my ninja operations system - Agrallarier. My old setup was still there. Some ships requirements has changed. One most important - no more system wide boosts, rendering my Orca command skills useless. It's another good change, even if it had a negative impact on this play-style. After doing a few adjustments, I took my Enyo for a spin. My main downside is that I am too lazy to theory craft and instead play with fittings that are very old. Until circumstances force me to change, I tend to use what has been proven, even if it's not the most optimal and I know it isn't. My weapon of choice: Enyo, backed by 2 Augorors and an Orca on standby. Idea is to get an aggro with Enyo, warp in a single logi ship, get a secondary aggro, bring in a 3rd logi with an Orca. If Enyo + logi dps is not enough by the time Orca enters the grid, I use it to reship to something with more power.

I pop into the first site and immediately get a reaction.

Two Dominixes with their drones can be a pain to handle, but looking more closely, pilots are relatively new and drones are only t1. Besides, these kind of guys are most likely to shoot. Unfortunately nothing more materializes besides a carebear stare. I can only guess his mission running buddy gave a wise advise to let me be.

Soon I run into a carebear who doesn't appreciate me barging in his mission and shooting his MTU while salvaging his wrecks. And he isn't afraid to show what he thinks of unwelcome guests.

Game on. It's my first bait in more than a year. I can feel my skills are rusty, trying to shoot his drones while bringing in the logi. Domi defenses have been dropping slowly, but steadily.

Fight is taking a bit longer than I would like to. Orca is super slow to align and it takes time to go through 3 acceleration gates. The Dominix pilot aggros my logi, so now I have a secondary tackle and can switch the ships. Disadvantage of taking too long to fight, gives time for backup to arrive. I can see a Vexor Navy Issue and a Rattlesnake on short range scan. Dominix is deep in structure so I overheat my guns to finish him off. For a second I think if I should let his backup come and try to save him, because I can swap to a battlecruiser and should be able to take them on, but decide against it, since my Orca is struggling to reach us in this deep mission pocket. Pop goes the Domi.

While loot was nothing spectacular, something much more of value dropped.

I love receiving fan mails. It really shows your efforts to bring entertainment to high-sec are appreciated. Godspeed sunsin depark. May your future mission runs be as joyful as this one.