Sunday, November 15, 2015

Looking for a wormhole stalking partner

Attention! Looking for partner

I've been doing a lot of thinking if I should put this out, but here it goes.
  • Have little time to play EVE and don't want any commitments?
  • Like stalking and hunting?
  • Have no problem to camp system for days?
  • Want to kill something more than a hauler?
If you answered Yes to above questions, then read on.

Hunting as a way of life

I started thinking about my wormhole adventures. I call it: The Pilgrimage. It's a little tradition I started since my old low-sec days to change up the game. Idea was to lock myself out in some wormholes and stalk locals and/or kill any day trippers that come by.

It's different from your average wormhole corp lifestyle. A lot of wormhole life is very opportunity based. You are tied to your home connection, if you don't spot any potential targets, you either roll the static, scan the chain, or stalk, but have to be back before home connection goes end-of-life. I have no such attachments. I choose potential system and I can stalk it and its surrounding connections for days. It usually is the system with potential great catch such as a faction battleship, a t3 or even a Marauder. Since I am not restricted to one home system, I can invest a lot of time in one location waiting for that opportunity to present itself.

Playing EVE without really playing

The greatest advantage of this play style? Minimum time investment needed. Despite stalking for days and waiting for targets to come to you, it is not necessary to be present at your computer. If your EVE client can run in the background, you are free to do anything else. Watch TV, spend time with your significant other or family, play other game, surf internet, learn new language or do anything else you desire. 

What started as a temporary change of corp life, became my EVE way of life. Mostly, because I have always struggled in finding necessary amount of time to enjoy this game, but still wanted to be connected. My time constraints grew and although there are corps that are very relaxed about participation, in the most cases, it still feels you need to invest more time than you would like to, in order to be a part of it.

Looking for like minded people to spice up the game

So if you are a player with a lack of time, interested in rolling yourself out in random wormholes and are very very patient, perhaps we can work something out. While I fly 4 accounts, I do have limitations and there are targets I'm not capable of taking on and there are situations where some targets manage to escape. I also know, that while I stalk particular system or systems, I miss out on some gank opportunities because I can't have eyes everywhere and can't always be on at the right time. I can only assume there are people that are facing similar problems. If there are dedicated stalkers, we can join our efforts together by covering more ground and packing a bigger punch.

I am not sure if anything like this is feasible. Perhaps this type of play was never meant to be for more people than solo, but perhaps having a one or two partners doing the same thing could make the big difference.

If interested, feel free to shoot up an email or find me in game: Zosius or ggnoreTT.



  1. Why not reach out to Chance Ravine (currently on the CSM), CEO of his very own WH Torpedo Delivery service - his corp specializes in such patient yet deadly exploits -- you should fit right in!

  2. Replies
    1. TF, I'm fairly certain, has other obligations.

  3. I was thinking of going for wingspan, but somehow I felt that having 1-2 guys stalking particular wormhole would be a better option. Of course if I won't find anyone then I will revisit such thought.

  4. As a Wingspan member I can confirm that this play style is one of our favorites (although not as masterfully executed as your style). The disadvantage is that we are constantly wardecced by Marmite and PIRAT, so we mostly move in cloaky ships when in high-sec, which is sometimes annoying when you really have to bring quickly something like a battleship to a fight or do other shenanigans in high-sec like ninja looting.

    Best of luck to you trying to find a partner. I like reading this blog.

  5. You are looking for someone in the EU evening timezone?

    1. Preferably, otherwise it would be difficult to utilize advantages.

  6. Being rather new to your blog I must say how much I enjoyed reading it. Your wormhole hunting stories really struck a chord with me as I have a similar gameplay. However, reading more recently, your ninja salvaging series I have come to realise what an utter cunt you are. I'd sooner offer my dry virgin ass to mandingo than partner with you. Fly safe o7.

    1. Please give your eve name so I don't end up in the same fleet or corp with you.