Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 3 - Engaging people

I love high-sec. It's a good escape from wormhole space. I love to interact with mission runners. I imagine they might not get many reminders they are playing a mmo game. Miners get a lot attention, space truckers get a lot of love, incursion runners are also noticed, but what about mission runners? Who will bring emergent gameplay to them? Why ninja salvagers, of course.

I encounter a Dominix in a mission. One of most popular ships in my area. However, each Dominix will always have a different kind of pilot.

Seifin did not enjoy my presence. But instead of giving me a carebear stare or taking a pot shot from 100km, he took words as a weapon of choice.

Yep, Seifin threw some threats on the table.

I am not easily scared by words. I'm more of a fan of actions. Seifin seemed to have warped off in a haste, leaving his t2 drones for me to scoop. I would only guess he was getting excited to get his pvp ship and come back for me. I won't lie, I was getting excited myself. What would he bring? A bait battleship? A pvp frigate? Perhaps something in between? I continued with my salvaging operations while keeping one eye on the local.

Time was passing by, but Seifin was nowhere in sight. Suddenly my mail flashes. What could it be?

Oh, a threat mail. How original. I guess he didn't have that pvp rig of his nearby. Nevermind being 1 jump away from the third largest market hub in EVE. Perhaps this mail was intended to keep me paranoid. But it's interesting that he mentions Bob, a god of wormholes. I am true believer of Bob and I really hope he is watching my w-space adventures. Perhaps I will meet Seifin in the unknown one day?

While some will threaten you, some will take pity. Yvonne mcgruder felt sorry for me. He did not condone of my ways, but he did not take any hostile action. I did not pay much attention until I read local.

Once I docked I got a trade request, full of garbage loot. My instinct was looking for a scam, but there's really no scam if you don't put anything in that trade window. I accepted and convoed the guy to see what's this all about.

That's so sweet. I'm a sucker for people trying to help me as a new player. Sometimes it makes me even not want to bait them into shooting me. Though it would be hard to convince them to do that in the first place.


  1. Just curious but what are you flying to do these ninja salvaging jobs? Care to share a fit?

  2. I use Enyo. It works only because I have alts with logi support. Otherwise I suggest Ishkur.