Monday, November 23, 2015

Back in shape

Wormholes. It's just something so special about them. Well, I know what's so special. It's no local. Noone to lookup my name without direct visual and get information of all ships I fly. I mean, I am an open book. All my kills are Proteus and three Dominixes. One of reasons I never have my blog in bio to increase traffic. If someone wants free info on me, they have to make two clicks and check it themselves.

I visit a c2 and see something is up.

Sabre and Sleipnir sitting on a wormhole and waiting for someone. It's not the high-sec. I have scanned them out, but apparently probes were not spotted or they didn't care. I'm not about to jump on first sight either. I orbit and observe. I see some ships jumping in and out, few ships at the tower. Later both pilots log and then Gila lands on the wormhole. Same alliance, but different corp.

I decide to go for it. I get in range and get ready to make my move. Plan is to grab Gila, let him jump, go after him, grab on other side and force him back again to the arms of my Domis. I have no idea what's on the other side. Maybe a big fleet or maybe nothing. But with almost no activity in 20 minutes, I decide to take my chances. I decloak, tackle and warp my Domi fleet. Gila doesn't jump. In fact, he seems to be burning away from the wormhole. He was a bit out in the first place, but he could have easily moved and jumped.

Quick and dirty. Gila explodes and I'm on my way back to high-sec. I leave the wreck and Proteus behind. It doesn't hold anything more than t2 mods and I did not care enough to shoot it. Maybe I can get an engagement out of it.

As expected, system got quiet. I see a bomber on d-scan. Interesting, maybe he will try to scoop the wreck. My Proteus has sensor booster, so I could lock him quite fast so I wait. After several minutes I see Manticore decloak, but still aligned. I wait for speed to drop before making my move, but the bomber pilot seems to know better. He grabs loot with a drive-by and warps off. Well, all is good. I got my first gank back in w-space and it didn't end up me horribly dying. I call it a success.

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