Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 3 - Imaginary features

Perhaps now is safe to shoot?

No no, just back up a little bit.

What about now, Boss? Not quite yet, back up some more.

The reality of ninja salvaging. Sometimes I think there's no safe distance for mission runners. You just can't be too careful. Though I do like the carebear stares. It shows that they care. Get it?

I start to enjoy visiting battlecruisers. While there is a medium micro jump drive, it's a whole different story than battleships. Battlecruisers don't have that big lock range and their guns can't reach as far away, thus people are usually fitting good old fashioned mwds. And it often happens that they won't resist not to poke you.

But not all medium sized hull pilots will be aggressive. Some won't shoot you no matter what, thus it leaves up to ninja to create his own content.

I visit a Myrmidon. I fly around, salvage and loot, but get no reaction. My scanner reports no new signatures, so I either dock up and go afk or try to tease some more. I decide to convo the pilot and say whatever comes to my mind.

I start screaming at the guy to leave my stuff. It's half-arsed attempt to make him try and drive me away, but more as an entertainment.

I get a very underwhelming response. Despite me stealing the loot and being flashy, I was not noticed. I continue to try to take over the mission and ask him to leave. Domix Gatrau checked my profile and saw over 850 mil bounty on my head. He decided it was best not to "mess" with me. It's clear he was not going to shoot me. I was interested on how much I can push psychological warfare without firing any antimatter.

I couldn't believe he bought that. Me coming and hijacking his mission and making him abandon it? That's something I haven't even thought about when started this conversation. But I've got to admit it. A feature where you could hijack someone's mission sounds really awesome. Maybe high-sec missions community would be lively again.

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