Monday, November 16, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 3 - Saving everyone

Saving militants

If we don't consider common patterns when ninja salvaging, every encounter can be different. And I'm not necessarily talking about pvp action. Scanning out missions and looting their wrecks is a great way to meet new people. This time I visit Drake and Gila.

Just two buddies spending quality time by doing missions. I hope there's room for a third. It should be. The more the merrier, but I spot some concerns in local, so I convo to see if everything is ok.

Nometh was surprised to see a stranger around. No wonder, considering all the high-sec changes that drove most ninjas away. So many people don't get to experience emergent gameplay. One can only interact with so many.

Nometh was cool with me looting and salvaging his wrecks. Well, except one in particular. I have to admit, when someone says something like: "don't take the transport wreck pls", I hear: "pls take the transport wreck". And so I did.

Nometh tried to ask me to hand over the militants, whom he needed to rescue and protect. I refused. After all, how can I trust someone who can't even protect his own wrecks and loot? I'm happy to report that those militants arrived safely at the station in Agrallarier. Meanwhile, Gila and Drake left empty handed.

Liberating capsuleer

On my patrol I've encountered Armageddon. At first, I thought it was your average carebear doing mission, but on closer look I've noticed someone was in desperate need of help.

 He was 70km off when I arrived, but as I was approaching I've noticed something strange. Armageddon, from the looks of it, was webbed and disrupted. With no drones out, I could only assume they were killed by an aggro switch from npc and now he was stuck. What would be his reaction when he saw a fellow capsuleer? Would he ask for help? No, he would shoot first and ask questions later.

While others take aggression as a threat, I took it as a cry for help. "Help me and send me home via pod express" sort of help, to which I happily oblige. I took my time to burn 30 km, but distance was not an issue as battleship was kept in place by npc. Once I came to range, liberation started.

For once npc seemed to be on my side as the battleship broke to our combined forces. I always have been telling that if someone is shooting you and someone else comes and shoots him, he probably is your friend. Enemy of my enemy and all that.

MK Professor was rescued and taken out from the doomed ship and sent back home via pod express. Another great example of how EVE community will come to assist a pilot in need.

P.S. Looking for wh stalking partner.

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