Friday, November 20, 2015

Meeting a fellow ninja

After being done with ninja salvaging, I decided to revisit w-space and fool around with high-sec connections.

I set Jita as my destination. I travel on set route and scan wormholes in each system, visiting them, trying to judge if it's a good place to stalk or should I move on. Idea is to settle somewhere closer to the hub. Whenever there is a connecting close to Jita, it becomes a hot topic in wh corp and chat gets lively with logistics discussions. This especially is valid for high class wormholes. It would be very lucky to find one. Later, after scanning 30+ signatures and without finding any direct connection to a wormhole above c3 level, I adjusted those chances to: super mega very lucky.

So I continue my travel when I spot a suspect flashing in local. I do a quick research of the guy and find out he likes to kill mtus and bait mission runners. Well I'll be damned, it's a ninja. A ninja that is not sitting in Ninja Dojo channel, which means he is not a part of ninja community and thus is a target.

His ship of choice is Ishkur. I quickly resolve his signature and get a visual.

I land quite far, but still cloaked. I slowboat and watch him desperately try to bait that Drake and Nighthawk into shooting him. 50km is a lot to cover when going 200m/s. Half way through, missioners decide to warp out. Of course, with nothing to bait, Ishkur leaves as well. I assume to his next target, so I start scanning again.

This time I find him at the safe spot. Without wasting any time I decloak and get a tackle and warp my Domi fleet.

There's only one way he can get out of this and that's having his suspect timer end before my fleet arrives. Proteus has only two medium blasters for dps. I probably would have to let him go. Fortunately, this was not the case and under pressure of 15 warriors Ishkur explodes. I scoop the deadspace armor repairer and the storyline neutralizer. A cool 60 mil. I almost feel tempted to keep an eye and maybe repeat the gank, but wormholes await me.


  1. I just discovered your great blog and I am still not done with all your posts. What is this Ninja-Channel you mention?