Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 3 - A trap

While looting other peoples' wrecks, you are subject to the life of a suspect, which means a free game to anyone. It's one of the reasons I avoid major hubs to do ninja salvaging. It's very easy to screw you up. It's also why I fly Enyo and nothing more shiny. Everyime I visit someone in a mission I am fully prepared to face the consequences and lose my ship. Same reason my logi of choice is Augoror and not Guardian or Oneiros. I keep my losses to a minimum. This way I am not very attractive target for organized fleets. Few people want to waste time trying to kill Enyo and some t1 logi. However, there are still some people doing missions and fully ready for an opportunity kill.

I visit Armageddon. It's piloted by MK Professor, that I liberated just the other day. I start shooting his mtu and before I could check his notes, he opens fire. Perhaps he wanted to return the favor and liberate me this time.

Now I do not think I have killed anyone for second time. Not in that short period anyways. I normally would not waste time and warp to the next target right away. But this time reaction was almost instantaneous, so I was interested to see where this is going. Even though, deep down, I knew something was fishy.

My logi were on gate and as soon as I got tackle on Armageddon I ordered them to enter. Meanwhile, I was taking damage. A lot of damage. It took me a second to realize I am pointed, scrammed, webbed and neuted. Now there was also Rapier on grid and two sets of drones on me. My logi was getting bumped by an acceleration gate and took their time to enter warp.

It was getting hot. My ship's armor was gone. I managed to run few cycles of my ancillary repair module before I ran out of cap. Alerts were going through the roof. Logi was exiting warp, but I was already entering the structure. I spam that lock and pre-activate all my reps. I keep looking out for notification of doom, which usually comes just before your ship explodes. I don't know if I will make it. This might be it.

Remote armor repairs land.

I still receive a lot of dps. That repaired armor goes down as fast as it goes up. Soon my secondary logi lands and I have 6 medium armor reps on me. I make sure scram is still on Armageddon, setup spider tank with Augorors and get back to focus on my Enyo. You've had your chance, now it's my turn.

Rapier seeing me back at full armor warps out. I continue and finish off  the battleship.

An exactly same fit as the last time. Well, except for medium neutralizer. That explains why I was not sucked dry the very first second. To be fair, those few cycles I managed to run, made all the difference. I convo Rapier pilot to ask if I am being hunted or if this was just an opportunity trap.

It was a revenge plot. And by all means it was a close one. I put both pilots on my red list and made appropriate notes to avoid getting surprised in the future. Good fight.

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