Tuesday, November 24, 2015

New d-scan - hunting in easy mode

Brain in the box. It's supposed to be a total rewrite of how server deals with skill point information and such. All fine and dandy, only there have been some reports of weird situations. If you read reddit you might have noticed some. I was hoping to avoid bad surprises, especially when I put my ships on the line. I stalk one high-sec connection when suddenly a Typhoon Fleet Issue lands.

Oh wow. What a nice, big and juicy target. I decloak my Proteus on the other side and wait. Faction battleship jumps. After seeing hostile Proteus he burns back to wormhole at full speed. No problem, I will just tackle him with my sensor booster Proteus and do a bump. Only I end up watching Typhoon approaching without my lock even starting. I spam ctrl+lclick like crazy, but nothing happens. Typhoon approaches the wormhole and jumps back to high-sec and warps out. This is an overview from my Dominix in high-sec.

Now want to see the funny part? Here's an overview from my Proteus in the wormhole at the same time..


Next I find a rolling Megathron. A good old fashioned gank of a rolling battleship always cheers me up. I get ready.

He goes in and goes back. I get my weapons hot and wait for him to show on my overview. He appears 12km off me, enough range for a point and a web, but not enough for a scram. I don't normally web before putting a scrambler, but when ganking on high-sec exit every meter counts. Of course Mega was stab fitted and I watch him warp away.

Most welcome, Marcus. Glad to be of service.

Not losing hope, I continue checking other wormholes. This time I end up in a c3. D-scan reveals Raven. Absent of wrecks, but also absent of towers. I play around to get his position, but can't seem to pinpoint it. It's not in any of the anomalies and neither in the direction of any signatures. He is also staying in one place as time passes and position is still the same. I finally decide to combat probe him out.

I warp out of d-scan range get probes out, warp back to the closest celestial and start working on his position again. And here is the reason I use a new map system over an old one.

I can't even explain how easy it was to get his position, range and set probes correctly. With d-scan now being displayed in a map view, it's a piece of cake. I set probes 1 AU and, of course, get a hit. I am pretty confident I could have gotten 0.5 too. Something that took a lot of adjustments and experience to get such accuracy before, now it's almost fool proof. Make no mistake, I see this as a positive change as it greatly improves success of hunting small signature ships, like t3. Only thing that is gone with the old system is my pride.

I warp to Raven and find him floating in an empty space. Not sure what he was doing, but soon it became a floating wreck.

He was not a sleep as pod got out. That's an interesting fit. What's up with the hull repairer and no rigs?


  1. Was he near a mobile depot? My guess is that he's doing anomalies in WHs and he's too lazy or too scared to go back to a k-space station to dock up and repair, so he swaps one shield mod for an armor/hull repairer to repair damage taken from anomalies