Monday, November 2, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 3 - Breaking the routine

I am not particularly excited about visiting t1 cruisers, but sometimes, you just need something to break the boring routine. If system is quiet and I don't get much action, I give "new players" a visit. It's sort of charity activity, by providing lessons ahead of time. I prefer to let players grow up to a battleship, before I introduce them to emergent gameplay in high-sec. But it so happens, cruisers are often in a mood to pick up a fight.

After our little dispute, Thorax pilot was warping out in a pod. Just what the doctor ordered.

When living in high-sec system, you get to know the environment. Unless it's a busy hub, you will have easy time paying attention to local. And guess what.

Looks like someone has been naughty. I see a Thorax pilot back in a system, but now as a suspect. I quickly started scanning the system and in a few minutes I got a visual on the criminal. He is in a new Thorax, only now with his friend, another Thorax, sitting close by. This is rather unexpected. Since the guy is a free game, I take out my old Brutix for a spin. Scanner fleet warps and I land right on top of him. Time for another standoff.

With everything on, new Thorax melts in no time. To be fair, I was also a suspect, but another Thorax didn't waste any time and warped out instead of helping his friend. Soon after the kill I get a convo request.

Finn was surprised how I got to him. The beauty of combat probes and fleet warp. I really hope this functionality won't go away. Preparation is also the key. I like to keep many different kind of ships in my hanger. Whatever the situation, chances are I have something for it.

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