Monday, August 12, 2019

Wormhole gifts

I like wormholes with high-sec connections. Often wormhole people need to do errands to high-sec and do some shopping which could translate to potential targets. I usually like to park my scout on a high-sec wormhole to observe the traffic for some time. During one of my routine runs, I notice some activity in a wormhole. A C5 with an unusual high-sec connection is bound to have something interesting. While I keep checking d-scan, an Occator - a deep space transport ship appears. The alignment is towards the station, so it must be local. As this is often a go-to ship for wormhole logistics, I patiently wait for it to land on a high-sec connection. Except it doesn't. The ship disappears from 5° d-scan, but it is still visible at 360°. What's going on? I quickly narrow it down on one of the planets. I'll be damned, the guy is doing PI runs in an overly expensive PI ship. I quickly call in a Sabre pilot from our home system while I get eyes on the Occator pilot. Once he enters warp to a next customs office, I tell Sabre pilot the coordinates and we warp at 0. We land on top of the transport ship and engage.

He is going nowhere. However, before we even get to half shields a pod appears on an overview. The transport pilot jumps out of his ship. We struggle to understand the reasoning behind this action. The bubble was up so it's not like he could escape. If he wanted to deny us implant kills, he was not fast enough to plug them out as I quickly locked him up and killed the pod with a set of basic learning implants. One thing, however, the pilot was able to avoid. We decide not to finish off the transport ship and instead take it home.

The Occator now has a new owner that will make sure the ship is used for more appropriate tasks such as transporting pvp gear to provide content to wormhole space. I thank Bob for his gifts. May his blessings continue to aid me.

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