Monday, August 7, 2017

RIP my old friend

After some nice summer vacation, I have finally logged in back to EVE. I knew there was an incoming t3 re-balance patch, but never paid too much attention to it. Today I've launched a fitting window of my trusty tackle Proteus and became very sad.

Turns out my brick tanked tackle Proteus is a relic. It's a real shame. I have been flying this bad boy since I started playing EVE in 2010. My whole play style basically has been based on it. I'm not saying that changes are good or bad. Simply it's sad to see things you've been used to come to an end. Cloaky Proteus was my signature ship. I haven't even flown an Astero or a Stratios. Ever. It will take some days for me to process the change, but I will never forget the countless of ganks I was able to have, bravely jumping on multiple ships with multiple sleepers present, taking punishment like a boss until help arrived. What an emotional day. So many memories. I can only hope I will find a way to continue the tradition of flying this ship in it's new form.