Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series - Quick ISK

After dealing with a tough nut Gila, I resume my salvage inspection operations. Next I visit a Dominix. Your average mission boat, frequently met in Gallente space. I'm quite experienced in fighting this ship. Even with his large drone bay, I manage to kill drones before my armor rep runs out of nanite paste.

A quick ransom

I start looting and salvaging and quickly get yellow boxed and shot at. You know the drill. Lock the target and scram, switch to drone window and quickly kill them one by one. Once drones are out of the picture, I got all the time I need. 

Once I'm sure armor breaks I initiate convo. I get greeted back, which is always a good sign. Without any sentiments, I proceed giving my terms.

I ask for 150mil, which he promptly pays up. That must have been a quickest and easiest ransom I had so far. Usually people make up some stories of why they can't pay or try to stall time other ways. But Michael had no time for that. Unfortunately for him, as bastard I am, I betrayed him. I always wanted to use infamous "suddenly betrayal" lines and now I got my chance. 


To carebear apologists that call me out on being an asshole for not honoring high sec ransoms: You are right. Though I would like to point out that I used to honor ransoms, however once scrambler usually was toggled off, instead of appreciating me honoring a ransom, I received nothing but flame. Suddenly carebears changed their helpless tone to hostile, of how I robbed them of their isk and what an asshole I was, even if their ship was free warping out. I also tried to launch a honorable ransomers club, but couldn't get any positive feedback from my clients. Since ransoming business was going slow and I was still an asshole, I decided that noone gives a shit and so I declined to honor ransoms in high sec until further notice. At the moment I collect "entertainment tax".


  1. I'd be really interested in your comments sometime about the Enyo vs the Ishkur in this role.

    I first read about these tactics in Feyd's blog. He discusses the issue a bit here -, and lays out his general approach scan/link alt etc.) here -

    I understand why he likes having drones for these engagements, it all makes a lot of sense. But your outcomes are showing that the Enyo is also amazing in this role. Love to hear the contrary view from a real practitioner.

  2. It's hard to say. I think it purely depends on play style and how much support/alts you got. For solo ganking I would even say Ishkur might be more suitable. Since in addition to main, I use 3 accounts (scout/logi/links) here is why I like Enyo (for sake of argument used only for ninja purpose):

    1. More buffer. Instead MagStab I use 200mn plate. Which provides 1.8 more buffer. Ishkur can't fit it unless you downgrade to electrons, while Enyo gets to keep neutron blasters. Buffer is main advantage point to me, as sometimes I have to salvage 40-60km off when I get aggro. Few lucky shots can kill you or you will be forced to burn more sideways to keep transversal, which will take longer and bigger chance that carebear will escape

    2. Blaster dps. More reliable vs drones. NPC changing aggro plus smart carebears targeting your drones. If you lose focus for a moment and lose few drones it hits your dps hard. Plus, blasters+web melt light drones very fast.

    I also Like to use Anciliary AR vs just AR. Mainly because I use webifier to kill drones faster as also hold afterburner fit ships until orca arrives. But that is because I have logi alt in warp. I also can refit to neutralizer my salvager, so that is not a problem.

    Ishkur has big advantage that you can choose dps type because of drones and in general i guess it has more utility. But I always lose drones. In the end, in most cases Enyo dps seem to do the job alone. If I have problem, I refit to neutralizer and mag stabs mid fight. Drones is just too much hassle sometimes.

  3. Thanks, I appreciate your commentary about these choices. It's a lot to think about it. Probably for someone getting started, simpler is better. Then their own experience and style preference would be a good foundation for learning from people like you and Feyd.

    I do have one character that can fly an orca and can fly t1 logi, and on that account I also have a good scan alt (covops V). No links, too poor :) I guess that could be enough? The scan alt finds the targets and the ninja salvager goes in. Then if aggro, log scanner, bring in orca to rep and allow refits. If orca gets aggro, they can hold point while salvager gets more dps. My main/ninja wannabe has gal cruiser V/t2 hybrids so I guess brutix would be the natural escalation.

  4. It's best to always adjust to your playstyle. Since you have orca, you can use it to refit. Start with ishkur and try Enyo at some point. Don't stick with "status quo" just because others said so. I even have baited with Vexor.

    2 account is quite optimal. You have your dps and scan alt, which is perfect. You scan and fleet warp your main to every bear you scan. If you get aggro, dock up scan alt and bring Orca. Assuming you are with ishkur and can tank carebear, you might not need logi, but you might need extra neuts to refit. You can rep with orca, but that can be dangerous. I have ocassions when there are people coming to help. So when you use something, expect to fully lose it. That is why I fly t1 logi vs t2 for example.

    Join Ninja dojo channel and hang out with people. They can provide you support if you have tough target on your hands. With time you will find your own optimal way by seeing what works and what doesnt :). Happy hunting!