Monday, January 12, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series - Bastard returns

It's time for another episode of Ninja salvaging series. I decided to pay a visit to my favorite high-sec system - Agrallarier. While other people won't see anything special about it and might even grumble, this system holds special place in my heart. It's where I started my eve career as a ninja salvager and got one of the first kills. There are many more potential systems for ninja salvaging, but I am a sentimental guy.

First day

I spot a highsec exit few jumps out of our home wormhole. 14 jumps out of Dodixie and with connection being critical, I decide not to wait and take my moment. I pack my bags, collect some loot for sale and race to the highsec. After roughly of 15 minute journey my destination is reached and I take a look at what I've got. Good old enyo, scan ship, logi, orca and few extra ships for various situations. Being professional ninja requires you to be prepared for maximum profit. My main has around 10 ships in the hangar and each alt around 5. There's certainly more room for more as there are many situations that are quite tricky and I am not prepared, but I am also lazy. I will take as I go, like that one time, spending 1 hour tackling while shopping for Orca with dps ship.

I setup my links, get my logi redy and start scanning. There are quite few battleships today. As always at the start, I feel all pumped up and ready for action. I scan first battleship, buzz around, steal some loot, salvage some wrecks. No reaction. I do my background checks on the pilot, the corp. Make some notes and move on. Having dedicated scanner gives me the luxury of switching targets quite fast. I try to be annoying as much as possible, but sometimes some people are not in the mood to pop you.  They might flame, but they won't pull the trigger.

A Navy Scorpion with itchy fingers

I land on my second target. Nothing. I go for the third and then the fourth. Still nothing. I don't mind much. Sometimes there are days when nothing happens, sometimes you have action for a full week. Since its first day I started my ninja activities I won't be getting bored that fast. As long as there are targets, I will keep looking.

I scan out a scorpion navy issue. Sometimes people with faction or other shiny ships are reluctant to shoot, but sometimes it's just the opposite. I land and get to work. After salvaging and looting for several minutes I finally get him yellowbox me. I quickly change my sitting posture and start paying attention. Will I get some action? Sure enough, scorpion fires his deadly missiles into my small and harmless frigate. Well, I do not know about deadly, as it turns out, heavy missiles are not that effective vs small, afterburner fit, frigate. Who knew?

I quickly tackle and start working on his t1 heavy drones which doesn't take long to get rid of. I start working on his shields and bring my logi in. Sometimes it is not really needed, but I take it with hope to get aggro for extra dps or so that both ships can tackle while one swaps for more dps if needed. Mission is gallente type, so scorpion is passive shield tanked vs my type of dps. Thankfully he aggress my logi. Now the game is on. I undock my orca to swap for some extra power.

Engaging in pvp by going afk

While Orca of doom was in warp I try to initiate convo to see if I could get a ransom. 

Well, that's a bummer. You would think one would try to have a honorable fight to the end, especially when other side can't break the tank. Unfortunately milgazia decided to have an easy way out and logged off. Wouldn't he have aggroed my logi it would have been a real pain to bump him while I waited for my aggro timer to run out so I could swap ships. Especially as all gellente exclusive I lack a proper bumping ship.

Finally Orca of doom arrives and I swap for brutix while keeping Scorpion tackled with my logi. I brutix dishes out a lot of pain. You can see the progress right away as I go past 50% shields in no time. A minute later he pops.

I think it needed an extra shield power relay. No wonder why my enyo was not able to break him. With all that kinetic/therm resists, I'm surprised my brutix was able to do the job so fast. His pod does emergency warp out. Since he is offline I scan him out and finish the job.

The end.

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