Sunday, January 11, 2015

Opportunity plexing

"What will today bring?" I always ask myself when I launch my probes and start scanning. Today it seems we have quite few connections. My eye is caught by two nullsec exits directly from our home wormhole. I jump to one of them and start checking it out.

Clearing sites in hostile area

I see Feythabolis region on my left top corner. I do not follow nullesec politics and have no idea what kind of region it is, but I do know it is Nulli Secundia owned. I start scanning and quickly resolve couple of sigs of one which turns out to be 10/10 Angel plex. That is interesting. I haven't done any combat sites in a while and speaking from logistics and risk point of view, direct connection from my home is the best location I could ask for. There are 4 people constantly in local. One gate out of dscan range and a station present in the system. Some minor activity of neuts coming in and out. System seems to be in the way to Esoteria region. Looks like I need to take my PvE battleships for a spin.

I go back and swap for a Megathron Navy issue and 3 Dominix battleships. I've found this setup to be quite handy. I setup remote reps and set sentry assist to my mega pilot and sites are cleared out really fast. I've never done Angel 10/10. I've read horror stories of people doing 10/10 plexes, high damage torpedoes, huge dps and so on. After checking guides and consulting my corp mates it looks like it's one of the easier sites and should not be a problem for my 4 BS team that is buffer tanked. I swap ships and warp back to null.

I am not sure if I will be able to do site before locals try to gank me. Good thing about deadspace is that I can't get dropped and anyone who wanted to kill me would have to work for their prey. Not to mention having 4 battleships with remote reps is not an easy target to gank. While I fit for pure pve with cloaking device, I do have pvp fits in my cargohold together with mobile depot. Should I see small fleet coming for me, I might actually give a fight. The most dangerous is the first room anyway. It's the highest risk to get tackled and have backup warp in on me before I could escape. The more deep I am in the site, the safer I am. I jump to the system and initiate warp to "my" plex.

Don't mind me, just shooting red crosses

Here I am, in the first room. Dscan so far looks clear. 9 people in local of which 4 is me. I quickly setup reps and drone assist and start shooting. 

Local activity continues with people jumping in and out, but it doesn't seem I caught anyone's attention. It's a bit hectic to manage drone aggro and keep checking dscan while clearing the site. It doesn't take long and first room is done. I quickly burn to the next one with little relief. Now I can relax. At this point I am more concerned on finishing the site on time before being forced out by locals and leaving loot behind.

It takes average of 7 minutes per room. As someone who have been on both sides - as a prey and as a hunter, I can tell that time perception is different. To do high level plex and to be able to finish it in 30-40 minutes is quite fast in my book. Unless enemy is situated in nearby system it usually takes awhile to get the fleet going, burn to the system and then burn through the gates to catch the prey. Though from prey's perspective it is always going too slow. It doesn't take long and I'm in the last room. Instead of shooting all npc and collecting the loot, I quickly snipe the boss ship, bookmark his wreck and warp out back to wormhole. I never understood the logic of this mechanic from CCP. It takes away all the challenges of the final stage. In a couple of minutes I swap to cloaky proteus and go back to collect the loot. 

I am a bit disappointed. Just over half a billion loot for, supposedly, most hardest difficulty DED site. This is why I never was into exploration behind enemy lines. That sounds way too inefficient.  Risking your shiny ships, spending quite a lot of time exploring and doing the site and in the end getting pocket change. I guess some people do it for the thrill. I think will stick with my "opportunity plexing". There are more ways in getting the thrill. In the end, 500+mil for 40 minutes work is quite good.

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