Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series - A tough nut to crack

Oh boy! Local is unusually busy today. So many ships on scan, so many carebears busy with their missions. The hardest question is - who shall I visit first?

A tough nut to crack

To change gameplay a bit and not to stick too much with only battleships, I start paying more attention to cruiser signatures. From my experience cruiser in most cases means a pirate cruiser and not your average t1 vexor. I scan out a Gila. Over a year old pilot, with 5.0 security status. Looks like a mission expert to me. Let's see how he likes a company. After buzzing around his mission, Gila locks and opens fire.

Missiles do not do much to my Enyo and drones are quickly dispatched. I warp in my logi pilot with hope to get aggro so I could make this little encounter quick and dirty. Well, plan succeeds. I get aggroed, but dps seems to be too much for my Augoror to handle. I do not know what the hell is going on. After burner fit with quite few resists I get down to structure and am forced to warp off before my 2nd logi can enter. While 1st logi warps to celestial, I enter with my 2nd logi. Which he aggroes as well and forces it out before my 1st logi comes back.

Bloody mission has 2 gates that I need to burn through. While Enyo is in no big danger and can tank quite well, I can barely scratch his shields, so I will need that extra dps from my logi. My both Augorors are without any armor. Before jumping to the last room, I duly rep myself and this time jump in together. Spider tank on and Gila can't seem to break anyone's tank. Seeing no options he suddenly starts burning away from gate. He is afterburner fit and while webbed, still has over 250m/s speed. I don't think of it much until I realize my 2nd logi does not have any drones and he managed to kill 2 hobgoblins of my first logi. So now I got 2 logi repping each other with a total dps of 2 light drones plus Enyo. I need my Orca.

Should have thought about it sooner. By the time my Orca enters last room, Gila is almost 150km away. Of course in deadspace you can't warp, so I will have to catch up the old fashioned way. This will take awhile since orca is only 90ms faster. After some minutes I get an idea to deaggro and burn to my Orca with Enyo while keeping tackle on Gila with my logi ships. Problem is that I do not have webifier and going back and forth to swap to my Brutix will take a lot of time too. This Gila pilot really makes me work for my kill, but ninjas are also very patient.

Thankfully, before I make my decision Gila's shields dropped below 30%, which is a great sign. I stick a bit more and sure enough it seems Gila ran out of juice and exploded. I even forgot to start a convo for a ransom. I was just happy to see that god damn ship become a wreck.

Does this mean I will stick with my BS targets? Hell no. The more you have to work for your kill, the more it is rewarding. If anything, I will be happy to scan out a cruiser and pay him a visit.

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