Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series - Welcoming new players to EVE

There is constant influx of new players to our EVE. Everyone loves newbros and I am no exception. Everyone likes to help out and do their part. Since many players start their careers in mining or missioning, it's very easy for them go get stuck in those activities. Thankfully there are a lot of players working tirelessly to bring emergent gameplay to highsec. For miners there's New Order and for mission runners there are Ninja Salvagers. As I've mentioned earlier, Ninja Salvaging was my starting career and had it's peak before I joined EVE, which was 5 years ago. Not as popular, but still alive we make sure to bring content to high-sec residents.

There's still hope

I start my operations and do a scan with my probes. I get few battleship hits, but also a Myrmidon. After shooting some mtu's, I decide to pay a visit to that Myrmidon. Since he happened to be just under my probes and be one of top hits, why not. I warp in and start looting his wreks while checking pilot history. Oh, a 2015 player. Having in mind that it's still January, this guy must be fresh. I'm not sure if it's a new player or perhaps some alt grinding standings. Myrmidon pilot targets me and opens fire. Well, I guess he's a new player after all. I greet him with a handshake..erhem..I mean warp scrambler.

While exchanging ammo I open a convo. I don't plan to ransom this time, but perhaps give advice or two.

Zosius > hi there
Lucrania ll > \o
Lucrania ll > hey
Zosius > whats up
Lucrania ll > just sittin here
Zosius > missioning?
Lucrania ll > yeah
Zosius > how is isk
Lucrania ll > bad
Zosius > hehe,  new to eve?
Lucrania ll > yes
Zosius > welcome then

Surprisingly the guy was very cool about his ship soon to become a wreck. At this point I would expect to hear a sob story how his ship is everything he owns and etc. It's then when I usually deliver an invaluable lesson about first rule of EVE -  "don't fly what you can't afford to lose". But not this guy. After I pop his ship I try to ask if he heard about ninja salvaging, but apparently without a ship he didn't feel the need to listen to me anymore. He closed convo and left on his way. After doing some background checks I noticed on his 3rd day he scored a battleship kill with his interceptor. So instead of whining about skill gap and waiting for bigger ship, he just goes out there, right to the action. Let's hope he doesn't stay in high-sec running missions for too long. I have big hopes for you mr. Lucrania ll.

You sir are a thief

After getting welcoming a newbro by killing his Myrmidon, I encounter another pilot of young age - Menkalijust over a month and already in a Megathron. I remember I didn't get into battleship for at least 3 months. Regardless, today it feels like system is full of fresh cadets out of Federal Navy Academy. I believe I will be the first ninja salvager this guy meets as well, since I barely have time to loot anything before he opens fire. I greet him too.

For such a new player, I sure as hell had hard time cracking his tank. After getting nowhere for some time I decided to bring an Orca to refit my salvager into neutralizer. After good 10 minutes neutralizer seems to have done the job and tank started to drop. I initiate convo and ask for a ransom.

Zosius > 100mil
Zosius > hello?
Menkali > hey
Zosius > too late

Unfortunately it took awhile for him to reply and ship exploded. Now it explains a lot. After checking his fit I see 2 thermic and 2 kinetic hardeners with 2 local reps. No wonder why my enyo had hard time breaking his tank. I do not know why he fit kinetic resists as Sansha rats dish out EM/Therm. Well, this time mistake worked out to his advantage. What followed was a very education conversation.

Menkali > what ya talk'n about?
Zosius > ransom to let you go
Menkali > why'd you come at me in the first place lol
Zosius > i was defending myself
Menkali > does'nt explain ? you where there in the first place
Zosius > it is my way to earn isk
Zosius > salvage your stuff
Menkali > steal my stuff?
Menkali > exatly
Zosius > confiscate
Zosius > not steal
Zosius > because you dont take them, so i do
Menkali > not steal? explain
Zosius > you need to salvage and loot your wrecks
Zosius > or someone else will take them
Menkali > you don't become suspect salvaging?
Zosius > ofcourse not
Menkali > don't give me that... I might have just started playing, but you sir are a thief

Menkali couldn't understand how someone could be so rude and take his hard earned loot and salvage. Just imagine, another player in his mission. What kind of madness MMO game is this? 

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