Monday, January 26, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series - breaking a Kronos

Ninja salvaging has been a quite profitable so far. Starting with Dominix pilot sending 150mil for entertainment, then Machariel pilot giving another 400mil. I was up 550 mil so far. I doubt carebears make that much while running lvl4s in a day. After dumping all the loot and counting my ISK, There are so many targets and so little time. Not to get overwhelmed I decide to take a break in hope mission running hype won't be over when I get back.

A Kronos that could tank

I continue with my ninja activities. As today seems everyone is in a shooting mood I give priority to shiny ships. I visit Kronos, an ultimate mission running ship of Gallente kind. After flying around, salvaging and stealing some wrecks, Kronos pilot ABDUL RASHID has enough and opens fire. I quickly swoop under his guns and proceed killing his drones.

Now it's not my first encounter with Kronos. I've already scored one kill some days ago, surprisingly, without me needing to change ships. This one, however, seemed to be a different story. He had a bastion module, which meant his tank won't break as easy this time.

You never know until you try. As usual, I bring one logi ship to get extra aggro in addition to my Enyo. After some minutes teasing and providing reps for Enyo, I was not able to get any reaction whatsoever. I guess he knew better. After shield has dropped I started getting to his armor, which, as I feared, didn't move an inch. One repair cycle would undo everything. I decided to bring an Orca.

When one neutralizer doesn't cut it

Once Orca enters room I refit my salvager to a small neutralizer. For that extra kick, I swap tank modules to dps. It might not be much, but I have time. Sooner or later his tank should break. Or so I thought. I look at the time and I see already more than 5 minutes have passed and I haven't done much progress as he reps his armor to full without a sweat. I need a change in my game. Problem is, I do not have means to hold him as only Enyo has aggro. Should I refit to full rack of neuts? Should I swap for a bumper ship? Then it hits me...

He is in bloody bastion mode. Which means he can't move or warp anywhere. Cycle is 2 minutes and I only need 1 for aggression timer to end. I stop shooting and innocently just orbit him while carefully watching his velocity on overview. He suddenly starts moving. Probably thought he will manage to warp out, which is a valid expectation. It only would take me to lose focus for a moment and he would be gone. What a bummer that would be. I toggle on my scrambler and start shooting while he goes to bastion mode again. We are back to square one. Except this time I deaggress right away and wait my 1 minute timer out. Once it passes, I switch to my Brutix, lock him again and start unleashing pain.

Phew. Now he is going down. Or so I thought. Again. While his armor drops somewhat, I can't pass 50%. I keep pressure for more than 5 minutes, but he just wont give up. I've had enough. I open fleet hangar and find 2 extra medium neutralizers. Ungroup my guns, take out ammo, put guns into cargo hold, fit 2 more neutralizers.

Finally armor goes below 30%. I guess 3 neuts did it. I believe we spent half an hour in space. I initiate convo to see how he feels.

Zosius > ransom
Zosius > 800mil
Zosius > 800 transfer now
ABDUL RASHID > 30mil  plz

I start with 800mil. An entertainment tax, clearly fair price for keeping him busy for such extended period of time. ABDUL RASHID has other thoughts though. He thinks 30mil should be more than enough for his Kronos ship.

Zosius > lol
Zosius > 300
ABDUL RASHID > need mone
Zosius > me too
Zosius > send me isk
ABDUL RASHID > all money

I guess he missed the part where I mentioned 300mil. According to him, 30mil was all he had. A guy flying Kronos, had only 30mil in his wallet. Can this be true? Could someone really have spent last of his isk on missioning ship this time? Let's find out.

Zosius > i said 300
Zosius > not 30
Zosius > eject kronos
ABDUL RASHID > ok stop
Zosius > eject
Zosius > so i can sell shit
Zosius > stop repairing
Zosius > eject ship so i sell it at the market
Zosius > and send you money-300mil

I offer a compromise. I suggest him to eject his ship so I could take and sell it on the market. Ongoing price is 1.1bil. I would take my 800mil tax and send back his 300mil.

ABDUL RASHID > ok 30+270

Suddenly things take unexpected turn. ABDUL RASHID magically finds extra 270mil in his wallet.

Or should I say 297mil. He accidentally mistypes sum and sends 27mil. Realizing his mistake he quickly sends another 270mil ISK. From "only" 30mil he ended up finding 327 million ISK in total. Trust was broken and I had no choice but to relieve him of his ship... and his pod, which he didn't seem in rush to warp out.

A carebear flying over 2.5bil worth ship and pod. With only 30mil..eghem, sorry, 327mil left in his wallet. 

Zosius > gf
Zosius > you should not fly what you cant afford to lose
Zosius > im sure you have heard it, right?
ABDUL RASHID > hmm  0 money thx  may frend  -300mil
Zosius > you said you had 0 when you sent me 30mil
Zosius > then you got 270 more
ABDUL RASHID > 30+270 look
Zosius > you should leave high sec and join a corp!
Zosius > have this experience as means to have a fresh start
ABDUL RASHID > 6 year  pauze   1 day active
ABDUL RASHID > and pod :(
Zosius > you activated 1 day ago?
Zosius > Welcome back to EVE
ABDUL RASHID > yes     6 yearpauze
Zosius > i'm sure a lot has changed since then
Zosius > maybe not missions though
ABDUL RASHID > back may item?
Zosius > lets do this. If you join pvp corp and get 20 kills, I will give back you your items
Zosius > if you do 10 kills, I will give 1/2 items

ABDUL RASHID now claimed to really have 0 isk remaining in his wallet. Leaving suspicions of having such round number in his wallet, he now had an excellent opportunity. An opportunity to start fresh. For what he lost, he could have bought over 5000 rifters. Coming back after 6 years, having not seen anything but missions, he finally had a positive experience. He now had a purpose. He had a reason to stay in EVE. Would he manage to score 20 kills, he would get rebate on his dropped items from his Kronos! Will he take up on this offer? We will never know as he left convo without saying a word.

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