Monday, November 9, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 3 - Economic sense

Hmm, this frigate is stealing my loot and salvaging my wrecks. I will lock him up, that will scare him off.

Hmm, he is not going away. I will better put some safe distance and show not to mess with me.

I assume something like this goes through the mind of a carebear that takes a pot shot from far away. Unfortunately, he was not willing to play it risky and warped off once I got closer than 50 km. I tried to give a chase. I was willing to put myself at risk and be shoot at by anyone at a gate. That's how dedicated I am. Will not be over until it's over. However, after jumping the gate, the Dominix ends up 25km away from me and warps back to station. Until next time, my dear.

I'm back to visiting various carebears. I take their mission objectives and offer to bring them for lower than the market price. A good deal if you asked me, but judging by reaction I get, they think different.

There's just no respect anymore. Everyone is eager to throw harsh words at you with first chance they get.

Economic sense is also not a strong suite of the carebears. Instead of buying back the mission objective, getting rewards such as standings and LP points, they'd rather throw that money on my bounty and redo the same mission again.

With the bounties and ransoms I got so far, I think I am close to a billion in profits. How many days of doing full time lvl3 missions is it? For someone who claims "having no time to waste", he sure acts the opposite.

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