Friday, November 27, 2015

Lucky gas site

I've logged in. I'm at a temporary c3 system. It doesn't have a corp with any potential targets, it doesn't have any good statics (only high-sec) and on top of all, it's a pulsar system that penalizes my armor tanked fleet. The only reason I'm in this system is because my gut told me to log out here. It told me that c3 pulsar can be a suitable place for a solo Tengu or Gila - two most popular shield pve ships.

I check d-scan, expecting to see a shiny cruiser, only to get  two Ventures returned as a result. I hate Ventures. I hate them because they are so cheap, small, flexible and can mine any high-end gas you want. I usually ignore them, along with t1 haulers, t1 mining ships and, sometimes,  t1 scanning frigates. I don't see them as worthy targets to break my cover for.

Despite everything, things were getting interesting. I now had a fleet of Ventures mining that gas site.

Great thing about wormhole gas sites is that in short time, sleepers spawn to defend it and Ventures can't do shit, but to warp off, which happens exactly that. Sleepers spawn and Ventures leave. The big question remains: what will they bring to clear the site? Two Gilas is the answer. I must admit I am extremely lucky. I had only one signature scanned, which turned out to be the gas site of interest for the visitors. I make my move. Praise Bob.

Unfortunately his partner was too far away to hold them together. Once my fleet arrives it's just Gila against Domis. It tanks quite well. Even with three sets of heavy drones, it does take awhile to kill it.

Three large shield extenders with three passive relays in the lows and t2 rigs. No wonder it tanked like a champ. I quickly check the killmail for any valuable drops and shoot the wreck when I see there's nothing worth looting. Align and warp out. Meanwhile, my scout Proteus reports two Hurricanes in an aggressive mood.

I consider for a moment if I should try anything, but without real intel what's on the other side it's never a good idea. Especially after revealing my cards and ganking one of their own. I stick around in hopes to catch them on high-sec exit, but with no luck. The jig is up and since it's rather late, I call it a day.

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