Monday, November 30, 2015

Wormhole trap

You know something is up when you jump in and see Drake Navy Issue sitting on the wormhole.

I'm not surprised. I know there was a cloaky scout flying around and I'm fairly certain he saw me. Only I did not care enough, but it may be the time when I will be sorry that I didn't.

Of course I'm not going to attack him. I got only one jump back and nooone to tackle him on the other side. Drake on the wormhole is not really a threat, but something doesn't feel right. It could be he was just on his way to farm, but longer I wait for him to react, more I get worried. I end up waiting until very last second of my session change timer. Once it's up, I move and cloak. At the same time interdictor uncloaks, bubble goes up and he burns at full speed to decloak me.

My dual plate Proteus is not exactly fastest ship in galaxy. I also did not cycle my mwd and I can't warp out as I use subsystem that gives me extra mid slot. It's only a miracle I don't get decloaked as dictor passes me at 2.3km.

I keep a close orbit. They still try to decloak me, but I'm not trying to run away either. I start warping my Domi fleet in position. Corp is over 100 members big, but most of activity is in US timezone. It's a good bet only handful of people are logged in. Besides, no backup is arriving so I think I can get a decent shot at getting a kill. I wait out polarization timer while Domi fleet gets into position one wormhole away. I warp my fleet in, decloak and tackle the faction battlecruiser.

They shoot me for awhile until I get few Domis in then Drake jumps out. I follow. I try to tackle him before he could burn back to wormhole, but with no success. He sticks around on close orbit until I am forced to bring Domi fleet back. They get polarized and Drake jumps out. Obviously an experienced wormholer that knows his stuff. I decided not to tease my luck much more and warped off. We both gave our shots and we both came out empty handed.

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