Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 3 - Unexpected dangers

So close.

Yet so far.
Vantari > missclicked
Zosius > missclicked?
Vantari > u as target
I don't remember when was the last time I social engineered someone into shooting me. My skills must really suck or everyone just bloody knows better.

I visit a Dominix Navy Issue and decide to have a chat. After all, you don't need much attention when nobody is shooting you.
Zosius > thanks for sharing loot
Vantari > hi
Zosius > you got mobile tractor unit i can borrow?
Vantari > yw
Zosius > other people are not so nice
Vantari > sry cant help you there
Zosius > you are not interested in salvage?
Zosius > pays well
Zosius > Faint Epsilon Warp Scrambler I
Zosius > \o/

I usually take "innocent" approach. It may be too obvious, but what the hell isn't? I taunt how salvage is good money and even link "fancy" 3.5m loot drop.
Vantari > well, not any more
Vantari > borring as fuck
Zosius > you just set mtu and you get the loot
Zosius > like that disruptor i got
Zosius > is worth of 6 npc batleships
Vantari > missclicked
Zosius > missclicked?
Vantari > u as target
Zosius > ah
I understand that salvaging is boring and may not be worth the money, however there's no reason not to drop mtu when you clear out the room. It's free loot with close to zero effort. Granted, there are sometimes annoying assholes like me that shoot it, but it should be still worth it.
Zosius > i wish others were like that lol
Zosius > other guys i visit don't take it lightly of me taking their stuff
Zosius > already up 10mil!
Zosius > how much you get from a mission?
Vantari > yeah thats Eve, i was the same when i started out, but now i don't care
Zosius > that's why i fly t2 frigate instead of destroyer
Zosius > almost died few times
Zosius > frigate can tank quite well it seems
Vantari > no, thats true
Zosius > what do you mean?
Vantari > nwm
Zosius > lol, tell me
I talk about how life is tough when salvaging and looting other people's missions. I get an interesting comment against my frigate's tank. It may be an opportunity, that could possibly result in us testing my tank. I try to push on it.
Vantari > haha
Zosius > come on, be faster :), kill those npc
Vantari > working on it
 Zosius > you think my frigate would have trouble tanking the site?
Zosius > i got aggro, see it tanks quite well
Zosius > so its no problem to tank the site. usually its the players that cause issues
Vantari > no. think its u can handle it
Zosius > you seem alright
Zosius > but dps looks a bit low
Zosius > probably could tank your ship as well
Vantari > im multitasking here so
Zosius > to be careful then
Zosius > just dont accidentally shoot me lol
Vantari > haha
Zosius > but im quite tanky
Zosius > so should be ok
Zosius > probably can take two hits or three
Zosius > what do you think?
Vantari > think u doing alright
Zosius > cargo is full, catch you later
Vantari > cya
To hell with it. I'm going to visit someone else. Hey look, a Myrmidon.

Let's shoot his mtu and see how he reacts.

Now we are talking. Fuck social engineering. Just shoot guy's mobile tractor unit and get the reaction you want. Suddenly things take turn for the worse.

I end up neuted, dual webbed and scrammed with a set of Warriors on my ass.

Holy shit. What the hell is going on here? It takes me a second to realize this is not your average mission Myrmidon, but fully pvp fitted and ready for some ass kicking kind of Myrmidon. I can't even do one repair cycle due to no cap. I panic warp my logi ships, but starting to get my hands down. I'm just a sitting duck. There's no way my logi can land in time.

Fortunately mission doesn't have any acceleration gates. As soon as I get into structure, my Augoror lands and life force starts flowing from those armor reps and cap transfers. I made it. I quickly recycle my tackle on Myrmidon and start slowly working on his defenses.

Fight takes a looooong time. He doesn't aggro my logi and keeps his distance by having me dual webbed and burning away with afterburner to the edge of my null ammo. However, after having Orca on grid and refitting to a neutralizer and adding an extra damage mod, a functionality we can kiss goodbye in the next patch, Myrmidon's tank gave up.

Boy that was a close one. It just proves that you always have to be on your toes. You never know what kind of bear you will poke. But I won't get surprised second time. I put notes on the pilot and add red standings to the alliance, which means: proceed with caution.


  1. >red standings to cva
    how the hell does the mighty zosius get almost outplayed by provi bads

  2. tl;dr: carebear provokes less experienced carebear, carebear gets owned, carebear relies on carebear logi backup. carebear brag-blogs.

    Seems like the real carfebear is the bellend with logi backup. If you're going to brag about how great you are, at least actually have something to brag about.

  3. Ah, don't know where this all hate is coming from. Neither I wrote at any point and neither I think that I'm good at pvp. In fact, I think I'm quite bad at it. All my fights are disadvantageous to my opponents and I don't hide it. Honestly, my game has always been about using tricks and deceit and I love it. If you have trouble reading about me killing missioner and taking his ransom or ganking a single ship with my personal cloaky Dominix fleet, perhaps you are in a wrong place

  4. I like this, keep up the good work. Will return daily to check for more :p

  5. Hi,
    I thoroughly enjoy reading this. It's Eve, there is no right or wrong, just content.
    As long as you are happy keep it up and keep writing.