Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stalking Probe Patrol

I've been watching Probe Patrol for some time now. At first it was just a tower with few ships at it. It's a 100 member corp so there's bound to be some activity. Most of them are active in US timezone, so it's perfect. I can get a kill without risking getting ganked by a pvp fleet. That's in theory though, reality doesn't always go hand in hand with it.

I do a routine check on the towers and see some interesting stuff.

Pos defense modules are being unanchored and being scooped by Occator and Iteron. I'm starting to put up a plan. My main interest is Proteus inside the pos. If modules are being unanchored, most likely the tower will be packed as well. To do that they will need to lower the force field and maybe I can get a few seconds before Proteus warps out.

I get occasional urge to gank Occator with all guns offline, but common sense prevails. I need to be patient. Iteron is of no interest and Occator can be fully wcs fitted and warp away. Proteus, on other hand, a good chance it will have faction stuff and if I tackle it, it won't warp anywhere.

Time was passing by and before forcefield went down, Proteus started orbiting the pos at a weird angle. Damn it. Maybe it is moving outside and I can intercept him. I struggle to get a good camera angle from 200km. Shield goes down and Proteus cloaks up. Fuck. Tower unanchoring process starts and transport ships warp off.

What now? No modules to scoop, there's no need to stay at this tower. Only chance I will get probably will be in one hour. Suddenly Occator comes back. I have no idea what he intends to do here. He can't scoop the tower just yet. Deep transport ship lands close to the tower and cloacks up. Whoa. Why didn't he stay at another pos? I'm not the one to question his bad choices. I am the one to use them to my advantage. I warp at 20 to the tower.

Once I land I see a Proteus decloak 50km off. God damn it. I warp back to my 200km bookmark again to try and get a good warpin position.. only to have Proteus cloak up again. Are you kidding me? Enough with this shit, I am going for that Occator. I warp to 20 again. I am not exactly sure where that Occator cloaked up. I don't want to reveal myself and burn around the tower in search for it like an idiot. Then it hits me. He came from the direction of another pos, which is at planet VI. My money is he warped at 10.

I bounce off the planet VI and warp to the tower at 10. Decloak and whola, Occator appears 0km off me.

Tackle on, Domi fleet in warp. Battleships warp slow. It feels like an eternity, but so far d-scan stays clear and Occator in place. Soon it melts under focused fire.

I must say I am surprised. 5 wcs fitted with 2 native. Even with points and scrams from all my fleet, he could have warped out without a problem. Of course it all becomes clear when I manage to lock his pod and send him back to the empire.

He was afk. Over 400 mil in total damages. That's what happens when you are not paranoid enough. I get paranoid orbiting wormhole at 70km that I somehow will get decloaked.

I continue to watch the tower for a bit. When timer ended, Myrmidon arrived. Not sure if it's a bait or not as he is aligned. Either way, I don't do second shots, especially after just killing someone. System is suspiciously empty of ships, while my watch-list with their main pilots is very green.

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  1. I understand cloak and afk. I find 10k and stationary curious (I try to move from any warp to point). Even rigs empty has some justification if you package it a lot.

    In wh space an empty high is a place for a probe launcher.

    What i dont understand is the empty low and 2 empty mids.