Friday, November 13, 2015

Ninja Salvaging Series 3 - Ninja dinner

I start my day with an appetizer. I visit Rupture as my first choice. Pilot is less than a month old and as expected, he opens fire.

I do it quick and dirty. Ship goes down and Tor Torson is on his way back home via pod express. I got a good hit on him with my combat probes, so it doesn't really like it's my fault. Feels more like a destiny.

After Rupture kill I was ready for the main course. I get a hit on Armageddon and Raven Navy Issue.

It's always exciting to visit a group of mission runners. I think duo is the best. More confidence than running solo, but not too many to fuck me up. And speaking of destiny, these two were not just any duo. I've met them before and it ended up me warping out in structure. An encounter that made me to adapt my baiting strategy. This time I had two logi on standby and my Enyo was only one acceleration gate away. I was getting excited. My gut told me to expect trouble.

And boy, when my gut is right, it's right. I immediately get locked, disrupted, webbed and neuted. But I expected that much. I am mentally prepared as I can be. It's show time!

I takle the Navy Raven, warp in my logi and setup the spider tank. I was excited and calm at the same time. I had it under control. My logi got aggro, but their tank was holding.

Focus was on the faction battleship. I did not care much about Armageddon. Even though both logi ships got engagement rights, I was keeping my range. Enyo was not doing much by himself, thus Orca was on the way. Only when it was entering warp through acceleration gate, I put a secondary tackle on Navy Raven and a scram on Armageddon. Nobody was going anywhere.

Orca lands and I meet it with my arms open. With shaky hand I open fleet hanger and board a Myrmidon. Denied. "You cannot have any non-charge related items in the cargohold". Fuck. I eject all the crap from the cargohold and board Myrmidon again. This time swap goes without an issue. Let's see how well they will tank my full neut fitted combat battlecruiser.

Oh yeah baby. I was eager to test my Myrm against something tanky and cap reliant. After having to let go of Tengu the other day, I've swapped Brutix for a full neut Myrmidon. And it was doing a great job. Actually too great. Something was not right. Besides Navy Raven dropping shields, Armageddon was reaching his structure. I did not have any damage on him. Was it npc damage? No. While there were a lot of npc ships around, armor started to drop just too fast. So what gives? In a few seconds both ships explode and I look around for clues.

Ohhhhh. In a heat of the battle, I did not notice them going full criminal. My both logi were suspect, so the only way they could Concord themselves is by shooting at my Orca. It's a sight that I've seen quite few times. While before a carebear could make a mistake and get concorded without much warning, now you have safeties on. There's no way this could be accidental. Not for both ships. They intentionally tried to suicide gank my Orca. In a 0.9 system. Talk about clouded judgement.

Isn't a beauty? Almost two billion isk in damages done and 600 mil in dropped loot. What a feast. I feel quite full. Don't think I can take another bite. Well, maybe there's still some room for desert.

I decide to poke one more carebear before calling it a day. I don't wanna try my luck too much, but sometimes you just can't help it. Ninja salvaging can be quite addictive. I visit a lonely Navy Vexor.

He was just about done with his mission. You might think what have I done to provoke such aggression. Did I shoot his mtu? Did I loot his mission objective? No, I was trying to salvage his small wreck.

There's no medicine to greed. We had a dispute and I came out ahead. And you know what? I didn't really want that wreck anyway.


  1. Oh that pretty funny coming across the same two people again, that navy raven kill though! =)

  2. Mwhahaha, that was pretty funny