Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bob watching my back

If there is a wormhole angel, I think he is watching over me. I warp to one tower and end up almost getting a nasty surprise.

You think bubbles are pain in the ass? How about strategically positioned containers at range without any bubble? That was a close one. Not sure if my fat Proteus could have warped off or cloaked in time.

I continue my journey and finally find my new home. What caused this decision? Take a guess.

It's not "about to be ganked" d-scan. I missed whatever was going on just a second ago. Wormhole I used was out of d-scan range, but somehow these guys left in a hurry. Half finished site with mtu still there. Maybe someone else is in the system? Maybe they had a scout on the wormhole? Who knows, I'm not going to ask them. But I liked what I saw and I am patient, I can wait. I move in my fleet and setup a perch at the tower.

Nine hours later I hear a jump sound. I pause TV for a moment to check what's going on.

Raven pops out of the wormhole and warps to the tower. Interesting. They are closing the connection. Battleship returns and collapses the wormhole. Now no one can come in and it's completely safe to do sites. At least I hope they think that.

It's getting late. I see ships being swapped at the tower, but nothing much else happens. After 30 minutes of waiting I see Vargur. He and two Tengus warp to an unfinished site. Finally. Took their bloody time.

I get a bit worried that my Proteus might receive a lot of punishment. System is wide and it takes time for my Dominixes to arrive, so before making my move, I decloak and align them at full speed and go in for the kill.

I get on top of Vargur. He is in bastion mode, so I spam my scrambler. I also get a point on one of Tengus, but he is burning away. Once Domi fleet lands, it's only Vargur left on grid. Bastion module really gives me paranoia. I make sure drones and heavy neuts are on Vargur and focus all my attention on Proteus and velocity column in the overview. I checked a killboard of the guy, and he had two large smartbombs in his previous Vargur loss. I was a bit worried I might need to keep range and use sentries, but that wasn't necessary. Drones were not taking any damage and Vargur exploded in an orderly fashion.

Loot fairy was fair, but mtu scooped all the important modules and they didn't survive twice. Oh well. As I said before, it's not the loot. It's the hunt and the kill that counts. I scoop what I can, shoot the wrecks and warp to safe.

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