Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A blingy catch

After ganking Raven Navy Issue it was time to move to another wormhole. We've settled in Unsettled. wormhole.

It was a nice c4 with c4 and c2 statics. System was clean, with only one anomaly present. However, corp is rather big in numbers. Two guys that multibox ships is no match for a normal fleet. We take a closer look at their kills and while there are many, most of them are in another system. We do not know if there is some special ops going or if corp simply has multiple systems, so we move in anyway.

I spent most of the day orbiting a c2 static. There were no jumps whatsoever. System was dead quiet, with same unpiloted ships on dscan and occasionally one random bomber or covert ops.

In evening activity started to pick up the pace and locals started logging in. Me and Ganky have been patiently waiting and keeping a close eye on every connection out. C4 we were staying at, had only one combat anomaly, the same since yesterday. Talk about shitty spawn rates, but one is better than none.

While we stalk and things are quiet, we usually find ways to occupy ourselves.
Doktor Borgia > Target system is still dead silent, No activations on any of the wormholes I've been on.
Doktor Borgia > This message brought to you by someone who is 90% watching How I Met Your Mother on the other screen.
ggnoreTT > roger that
ggnoreTT > message received by someone who is 90% watching anime
To save myself walking to computer, I put extra lazy step and installed remote desktop so I can press d-scan from my phone. On one such checks I spot Paladin.

Oh, what's going on here? System was dead for hours and now there's a marauder on scan? I try to pinpoint the tower he is at only to have Ganky report him jumping through c4 static. Let the hunt begin!

I jump in and locate Paladin farming anomaly. I quickly make a perch and when I was about to engage, bloody marauder just micro jumps out. He is not in alignment to any celestial so I either slowboat for a long time or discretely combat probe him. Well, neither. Problem is, my Domi fleet is already in warp and I am going to land on exit in the middle of their home system. If anyone will check d-scan, they can report hostile fleet on home wormhole and marauder will just warp to safe and cloak up. I go for the third option - decloak and launch combat probes right in front of his face. I am 160km off so I can warp right on top of him, but my money is he will warp back to his home by an instinct.

I am right. Paladin hastily cancels his Bastion mode, warps to c4 and jumps, right to our welcoming, open arms. And boy, did we give him a welcome.

Marauder managed to run few repair cycles before we sucked his cap dry. I think he would have tanked quite well if it was just me, but now, working together with another multiboxer, I could relax a bit and just enjoy the explosion.

A juicy, over 2bil worth of kill. Loot fairy was very generous with almost 800mil in drops. We were a bit too excited and neglected to kill an mtu first, which scooped all the loot. Luckily for us, it dropped almost everything apart from 150mil smartbomb. A small price to pay. We decided that everything will go to Ganky's SPR fund to cover initial losses.


  1. Hi i'm read your blog for more then 6 months. I want just say thanks for this really exiting time.

    PS: And you alao improved my EVE gameplay^^

    1. Glad to hear that :). How did your EVE improve if you don't mind me asking?

    2. I will send you an eve mail.
      I need more time to translate my german in an readable english.