Friday, December 25, 2015

Pulling out implants to deny expensive kill

Eve is acting up again. It won't load information about wormhole for me to see if its critical mass or eol. It won't load character or anything else for that matter.

It's been slow for me and Ganky. We haven't had that many opportunities and got quite spoiled with shiny kills coming to us almost daily. Sometimes we just need to look around and look for targets ourselves.

One can get used to easy life, but even afk stalking requires effort and initiative to find kills. We decide to check surrounding systems and see if we can find a nice home. There are c2 and c4 statics. I start with c2 first.

Well I'll be dammed. There's Tengu on scan with wrecks and no tower. I quickly resolve anomaly he is in and warp at 100. It seems I haven't been spotted. I bounce and make 200km bookmark while fleet gets ready to jump in on moments notice.

Three, two, one and the strategic cruiser is tackled.

In an instant Tengu is surrounded by hostile fleet.

Whina Fistouille > are you trolling me :)

Pilot seemed surprised, but not too much panicked. Afterall, it takes hella lot of time for battleships to warp in. Once we got 700mil kill, we started locking and getting points on the pod, thanks to our newly brought interdictor. Something felt off though.

Pod killmail was suspiciously missing implants. We have every reason to believe the guy pulled them out while we were locking pod. Our mistake, I will admit, but I have mixed feelings about this. It doesn't feel right that you can rip off your implants outside the station. It just doesn't feel right.


  1. Hey man it is what it is. Still hurts a whole bunch to rip them out at a moments notice. There is even skill involved in some cases where you are rushing to get to the implant screen, and rushing to unplug the most expensive first.

  2. Same could be said for you multiboxing toons tbh. Eve is what it is.