Monday, December 28, 2015

Three Dominixes that couldn't

I found a target. Neighboring system had an active Rattlesnake pilot that liked doing sites, despite multiple connections open to his system.

He was on d-scan initially, but warped back to tower. There were no wrecks and system was tidy, with only few anomalies left. And since I saw him on d-scan without a tower, that means he left safety of his pos. It did not take long for him to warp to an anomaly again. I waited for him to kill some of the sleepers before tackling. Patience is key and when the time was right, I went in for the kill. Tackle on and Dominix fleet is in warp. It was killing time!

Only I wish that was so easy. Rattlesnake was a formidable opponent. He had a very tough tank and cataclysmic effects of the wormhole did not help. Remote capacitor transfer and remote armor repair was cut by 36%. My Domis were always running out of cap and I had to micro manage spidertank and cap boosters. Bloody insane. Of course, as a rule of thumb, sleepers will shoot and swap aggro to anything, but the actual ship that has been killing them for the past 10 minutes. For "intelligent" AI it sure is fucking stupid.

So I was managing somehow and dropped Rattlesnake to 40% shields, but he was not going lower than that. I kept the pressure, but he must have recovered from shock and started shooting my drones. I carry Federation Navy Ogres for more hp, but even they were dropping like flies. Now I had to manage drones on top of low armor and cap warnings. Unfortunately, my partner was not on at the moment so it was just me. Boy would I have given anything for an extra dps ship. Of course with me scooping drones and reestablishing aggro, Rattlesnake's shields started to go up. It was clear, I bit more than I could chew.

Seeing as I was getting nowhere I aligned all my ships and warped out. After exhausting almost all my cap boosters, barely keeping my ships alive I felt disappointed. A faction battleship passive tanks three faction battleships. Ridiculous.

This was the second Rattlesnake that I could not break in my adventures. The first encounter I considered as an exception. The second one, I consider as a trend. I will not wait for a third Rattlesnake to escape me. I need to adapt.

I went straight to Jita. Restocked on supplies, opened EFT and started theory crafting. Shield setup would be very tempting, but it doesn't mix well with heavy tank tackle. In general, armor works quite well, but it lacks a punch. With current setup I was getting close to 30% shields. Perhaps I don't need to change that much, so I fit two more drone damage amplifiers on each Domi. Now I will have 3 in total and my Dominixes will do almost 700 dps each, which hopefully will be enough. I sacrifice high resists and cut on my tank. I prioritized tank over dps due to multiboxing and wanted to have room for errors, but I can't have random Rattlesnakes tanking my fleet.

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  1. Yeah, Rattlers are tanky bitches - when I ran one in a C4 pulsar it got over 3000 completely passive tank. As an on-and-off wormhole resident for a few months, I must say your blog is great. If you ever come around my way I hope to put up a decent enough fight. Keep up the good work!