Monday, December 14, 2015

First time is special

Me and my new wormhole stalking partner - Ganky Deska, were off to a rocky start. Our first gank ended in disaster, with him losing all his ships. Then we got separated due to EOL wormhole connection and timezone difference, but it was time for us to reunite.

On his way, Ganky scored a nice Vexor Navy Issue kill. You don't see it on the killmail, but he was farming sleepers with two Geckos, drones that each cost more than his ship. Having in mind that he was in a c2 wormhole, I really question his weapon of choice. Bad for him, good for us. We agreed that all future loot will go towards reimbursement of Ganky's losses.

Midway, Ganky encounters Stratios in low-sec. With local immediately announcing presence of anyone who enters the system, Stratios pilot was totally oblivious of a neutral and he paid the price.

An almost 500mil kill and over 100mil in drops. If this keeps up, we should recoup from our losses in no time.

Finally we have arrived at the system where we will stalk our first target. They say you always remember your first time so it better be special. Our target - Rattlesnake.

System has only one anomaly left and killboard shows previous loss was full of shiny loot. We get optimistic.

Optimistic my ass. Time was passing by and Rattlesnake pilot was swapping ships, but had no intention to leave the forcefield. It's as almost he was teasing us, by waggling that shiny tail of his. It was getting very late for me, but somehow I couldn't just let it go.

A lot of strange things were happening. Guys swapped ships back and forth, then I had Buzzard warp and do data sites. We decided not to waste our surprise attack on a covert ops frigate. Then he warped to another site, Astero following him. Site has despawned, but they still were on dscan.

So many questions, so few answers. Wormhole also had a low-sec exit, several jumps from Jita. Besides Rattlesnake pilot, there was also another guy who warped out in a pod and docked up in Jita. I have been watching undock with my alt, but he just was just sitting there.

I was starting to think, nothing will come out of this. Guys we are stalking have been online since the beginning. They are doing data sites, so it's not like they are scared of neutrals, but that one anomaly, doesn't seem to be of any interest.
ggnoreTT > im going to c3 and log
ggnoreTT > you can try and afk stalk them
ggnoreTT > maybe you get lucky
It was time to call it a day. Only suddenly.
ggnoreTT > RNOI!
ggnoreTT > raven navy
Ganky Deska > Where?!
ggnoreTT > from jita
ggnoreTT > the guy just undocked
Spotting faction battleship on my Jita overview was like seeing a miracle. I couldn't even type properly anymore. We both were waken up from our slumber. We quickly setup Ganky's loki on low-sec side and my Proteus inside the wormhole. Now we wait. The guy still needed to pass one low-sec system without dying to a gate camp. So close to Jita, it might be he won't even make it home. In some minutes we see him in local.
Ganky Deska > RNI on Dscan
Words that made me smile, like a kid about to get a candy. Navy Raven lands and jumps in. I scanned the guy on undock and he did not have any wcs fitted. Even if he had, I think our points have outnumbered his low slots.

Faction battleship went down and I must say, I have enjoyed every second of it. It's no shiny Rattlesnake, but we will take a cool 600mil satisfying ending any day.

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