Friday, December 18, 2015

To gank or not to gank

After a great Paladin kill, it was time for me and my partner to find a new home. It did not take long. We already had another c4 lined up. It's great to have someone to stalk wormholes with. It sure is an improvement. We cover more ground and stalking activity by itself is more fun.

Something was up in our new c4. One guy at the tower was taking ships out of the hanger.  Whatever his reasons were, we got intrigued. I then spotted him swapping for a bomber and warping to a site, uncloaked. I, of course, follow. I am very interested how bomber will fare against c4 anomaly sleepers.

He then turns around and warps back. I guess he was making a bookmark or something. One thing is clear though, bomber doesn't warp to anomaly for no reason. We are about to see a potential target. I can feel it.

In just a couple of minutes, I see Rattlesnake warp in. A very popular c4 site clearing ship.

We will be happy to take it. In fact, we wait for him to clear frigates and a couple of cruisers from the field. After all, system is large and ship like Stratios could be in danger before remote rep Domis arrive.

Once there are 3 sleeper cruisers left, we jump in on the battleship. It was very easy to get a good warp in position thanks to mobile tractor unit.

We kill his mtu first and then finish him off. Pilot manages to warp off, which makes us realize that an interdictor would be very handy thing to have in our small multiboxing fleet. Today's farming is over for the Rattlesnake's pilot. He logs and we go on a lookout for a new system.

We pass by low-sec. I spot a Myrmidon doing site. It doesn't take long to find him, but he is in such bad position that there is no good warp in. I will need to do at least 3 bounces for a perch. I ask Ganky if he feels like ganking him as I was not sure it's worth the effort. We decide to go for it.

While I was making a perch, couple more people joined local. It's been too long for random travelers. Something smells fishy. We have our ships ready for the gank, sitting on the wormhole, but I hold it. There is a character with negative status and from an active corp. It's my ex corp, which I know likes to drop black opses. I don't think it's smart to perform the gank. For all I know, he might be watching the same target. Speaking of the devil.

Tengu decloaks, cyno goes up and Window jumps in. No more ships are coming through though. Shit, that looks like a great opportunity to gank the ganker. Should we go for it? Should we not? I need to decide quick as Myrmidon is not going to last long.

As much as I want, I decide not to go for it. Mostly, because Dominixes warp so bloody slowly, that if I tackled Tengu, he would have at least a minute to call reinforcements and I am sure there would be reinforcements as corp's prime time is exactly this time. Nah, the odds are not in our favor. Myrmidon explodes, Widow micro jumps out and cloaks up. Everything took seconds. Sometimes you have to make decision on the spot and I can only hope I made a correct call this time.


  1. Nice blog, you inspired me to be a cloaky bastarda... keep them coming

  2. This was a good kill. Being a cloaky multi-boxer is good stuff.