Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Scanning improvements

After patches sometimes I get very amazed. Amazed on how things actually end up rolled out. After traveling abroad and finally getting back home, I launched EVE. I wanted to log in and do some scanning and maybe score a kill. I got greeted with a new scan interface. It was reinvented. A lot of people complained, including me, about ship scanner (red circle) that blended in with unresolved sigs (red circle). With hard to select probes, it was quite a pain in the ass to use. But today is the patch day. The day when all those nuisances will go away.

You have to be kidding me. Of all the colors they picked one to match probes. I know it's a try to align with EVE environment and all, but seriously. I don't believe designers did more scanning than 10 minutes.  One solution is to put d-scan to 5 degree for it not to get in the way, but that is a flaw if I have to do that.

For the record, Ganky thinks this is an improvement, so I guess it's subject to personal preference. Though I do think probes are now easier to select when moving, but that might be my mind playing tricks on me.

CCP also introduced all new d-scan filtering. Remember that checkbox that was very handy to turn off/on all filters? The one a lot of people asked for? Forget it. Instead, we have a list that is up to date with the current times and that checkbox is so last decade. I am using SaraShawa overview pack, which has a lot of filters.

I can't choose my standard overview with ships and towers. It's somewhere all the way up that I have no way of selecting. Of course I could use old system, but that would feel step backwards. Of course I could redo my own overview, but that is too much work.

And for the grand finale. It so happened that our home system had a high-sec with less than 50% mass. That's right, I'm a scanner and I will scan, no matter how inconvenient it will be. I was orbiting the wormhole while messing around with d-scan when I spot two Megathrons on scan. I find them on a c4 static. It looks like I have missed the rolling as wormhole is critical. I position back on the high-sec exit and do a casual d-scan check before going afk only to see Megahtron with familiar signature appear again. It's the same guy! I find him at the c4, but there is no wormhole anymore! 

To my stupidity I land at 70km. I watch him stand still, probably in shock that he has rolled himself out. He then warps off, which appears to be in the middle of nowhere, but close range. A safe spot? I warp of d-scan and launch combat probes and get back to c4. The battleship warps back and warps out again. Shortly he disappears from d-scan. I do a system sweep, but he is nowhere to be found. Either cloaked up or jumped out through the high-sec. Or, he just logged out. I setup my Proteus close to where c4 was and put him on a secondary screen. Not even two minutes passed when I see him land.

This time I am in point range. I decloak and tackle Megathron, only to have him warp off again. Again to random direction. I quickly scan it out and land right on top. I did not have him watch listed, but I assume he logged out again, this time with a timer. I tackle him and warp my Domi fleet in. The battleship was not moving and quickly met his doom.

So why I put this hunt in a "patch review" post? Well, mainly for this:

That is a screenshot of him exploding. Notice anything unusual? Hint: check his shield, armor and structure. I did not understand what was going on. I thought my drones were not really shooting him as none of hp dropped. He just casually popped and ship vanished with full health. Imagine how demotivating that would be in a pvp fight.

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  1. they made scanning from bad to worse.
    i miss my F10 scanmap :(
    to CCP: PLEASE make the scanning working again. make it a tool to use again, and not a friggling pain in the a**