Monday, December 21, 2015

Are you still there?

We chose a class 2 wormhole as the next place to stay. It's quite small level and you don't normally expect very expensive targets, however, it all depends on the residents.

Locals had bunch of shiny ships in their hangers. Nightmare, Bhaalgorn, Scorpion Navy Issue, just to name a few. It's hard to believe he would be doing c2 sites with these ships. Probably some are used for pvp and perhaps some are used to farm sites of c4 static. We settle in and keep a watchful eye.

ArcAngel7 logs in on our suitable times: late EU/early US tz, but he never warps out of tower. For reasons unknown, he boards faction battleship, warps to another tower and gets into flycatcher, where he then proceeds to camp random wormholes. Checking his killboard we see that he, indeed, has quite few scanner kills. I guess that's his play. But fly catcher is not good enough, we want to get the shiny.

We stick around for a few days, but get tired of waiting. We start to suspect that we have been spotted few times scouting neighboring wormholes and added to watch list. Only speculation, but enough is enough so devious plan has been developed.

We noticed that the guy swaps for battleships, warps between two towers that are on opposite ends of the system. I setup some bookmarks and make 300km perches on both towers. It's out of range from any warp disruptors and well out of weapons range to receive any meaningful damage. The plan is to setup a bubble next time he warps between towers and hopefully trap a battleship.

Problem with that plan is that we only get one shot at this and we need to guess. The guy is very unpredictable. He warps around in his flycatcher, swaps battleships, swaps back to interdictor and warps again between towers. We need to take best guess and setup a bubble when he swaps for a battleship, before he enters warp.

We wait for the guy to be out of d-scan and setup a cloaky Onyx. Our target comes back to tower and swaps for a battleship. This is it, we decloak and bubble up the tower on the other end. Only to have the guy swap back to Flycatcher and warp to that bloody tower. Jesus. Of course with his super fast warp speed he lands in a bubble. And, of course, he burns and warps away from slow Onyx.

What a shame. I really would have loved to have him land with Bhaalgorn. But now instead we have a troll on our hands. He warps his faction battleship to high-sec connection and starts smalk talking monologue in local.
ArcAngel7 saken > cause i cant have you bubbling our stations :)
ArcAngel7 saken > you were here yesterday as well? yikes we do have a problem
ArcAngel7 saken > nothing to say?
ArcAngel7 saken > yea look who is useless
ArcAngel7 saken > why is this so funny
ArcAngel7 saken > you brougth the absolute worst ships for this fight]
ArcAngel7 saken > i think i proved my point
ArcAngel7 saken > if you want a fight that badly then wait until the rest of my corp logs on
ArcAngel7 saken > and please dont bring a fucking proteus to fight a bhaalgorn..
ArcAngel7 saken > or a loki
We use Stratios, Loki and Proteus to fool around. Since he knows we are here, we might as well entertain him. We try to bump him, but it's hard when we are capped out. He doesn't seem to know about my Domi trio cloaked up in the system and I really like people who don't do background research. Smalktalk makes us want to stay a bit longer, but we decide it's not worth the effort. He would only need to spot us scouting once and it would be just time wasting game. We move out without saying goodbye. Or do we?

Few days later.

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