Friday, December 11, 2015

Getting cyno baited

I really don't like null-sec. While others have a lot of fun ganking anomaly farmers, I have this fear that every ship has a cyno and that swarm of ships will jump in on me at any given time. That's why when I found, and my guess opened, a direct null connection to one farming system owned by Solar Citizens alliance, I was keeping a tight orbit of 5km.

There were some Ishtars and Tengus doing anomalies, but of course they all warped to the safety of the station. My idea was to stick around and perhaps nail a freighter or other ship. High-sec was 5 jumps out from Jita. A direct connection to a farming system. That happens ever so rarely, so there's bound to be a some sort of opportunity. I also like that with such "high class" connection, you get dropped 7km+ off the wormhole. Enough time to tackle and bump a target.

Wormhole got scanned and I had one guy using the opportunity and evacuating assets. He was mostly coming back in pod, so there was not much I could do about it. Good thing was that wormhole is scanned and word will spread around. Of course there's one neutral hanging in the system for the last 15 minutes. I have been in a Russian alliance when I was flying in low-sec. I know how risk averse they are and how they will use their overwhelming power to crush their opponent. I will have to be on my toes on this one.

After camping for about 30 minutes I was starting to consider if I should move on. Imagine my surprise when I suddenly see a Tengu land out of warp 25km off me.

He was just sitting there for a good minute, then moves, then stands still again. Don't know what's the big idea here. I'm pretty sure that after this time a background research of me has been done and I play EVE long enough to know that random Tengus don't just land on wormholes at range and stand still. You know what this is.

I watch Tengu. A good coincidence is that I happened to be on the same side of the wormhole where Tengu came from, which means I  am between the wormhole and the strategic cruiser. I could point him and still be in range to jump out, but I couldn't keep him in range. By the time I jumped my Domis in and tried to lock him, he would be long gone.

I could just ignore him, but I'm the mood for some gamble. If I play this smart, I should be relatively ok. Tengu starts slowly approaching. Once he is within 14km I will make my move. He will still be 20km off the wormhole and I will have him pointed and webbed. Maybe even scrammed if he gets within 10km. I also can move out of jumping range a little bit. I can always slow-boat back to wormhole with my Domis repping me. Unless there's an overwhelming force of course, but it's a risk I am willing to take.

I decloak a bit prematurely. He was 18km off when I decloaked. I was a bit too impatient and hoped he will be in webifier range before my sensor recalibration timer is over. Tengu's pilot was paying attention. He changed his trajectory off the wormhole and while I had him webbed for a few moments, he was putting distance. Meanwhile, I was jumping in my Domis and set drones after him before he went out of range for that too.

It was tough. I was trying not to go too far off the wormhole and still keep Tengu pointed. Ship was in armor. His defenses were breaking, but now I had an interceptor with me on grid.

This is not good. Once I saw Tengu drop at 40% armor, my instincts were telling me he should explode soon as I am so used to them being shield tanked. In the heat of a battle my mind completely disregarded the fact that his armor was holding far longer than his shields did and so, like an idiot, I burned at full speed at him with my Proteus.

I was 23km off the wormhole. Once I got webbed it was like I just took a cold shower. It all became clear. I set full speed back to wormhole, but once scrambler landed on me I realized: this is what they have been waiting for. It's baiting 101 to let your opponent lose his vigilance by letting him break your defenses. If it was any other armor ship, I might not have fallen for it, but I expected Tengu to pop any minute.

Cyno goes up and ships starts pouring in. And by ships I mean a couple of Archons. All while this was happening, my drones and sentries were working on the strategic cruiser. He was going down. Ares for some reason, was pointing one of my Dominixes, which sat at 0km off the high-sec wormhole. This is when I realized I still have a chance.

The second Tengu exploded, I hit my cloak. I did not have any positive locks on me. My Proteus just cloaks up in the middle of the battle. Sweet baby Bob, I can't believe this worked. I am really slowboating back to wormhole cloaked.

I manage to get back and jump my ships out safely to high-sec. I left my Faction Navy Ogres, but I didn't really feel bad about it. And who would in this situation?

I was heading back to Jita. It was time to relax, let my heart rate drop and buy new drones. Guess who else was on his way to buy a new ship.

Boy, what an encounter. Bob is watching over me even in k-space.


  1. Thanks to Bob for providing this blog ☺

  2. Why would he fit his bait Tengu with T1 shield rigs rather than T2 tri marks?

  3. Can't believe you managed to cloak! Great story.

  4. Just found your blog...

    Then I found this, "My Proteus just cloaks up in the middle of the battle. Sweet baby Bob, I can't believe this worked. I am really slowboating back to wormhole cloaked."

    Literally, burst out laughing! Awesome read, thanks!