Friday, December 4, 2015

The first pancake is always spoiled

EVE is acting up again. I got a wormhole I can't access to. I get various error messages.

The worst part is that ship gets stuck and becomes unresponsive.

The only way to get "unstuck" is by closing the client and relogging. I had traffic control messages before, but never anything second jump action wouldn't fix. Certainly never got my ship paralyzed not reacting to any movement commands.

Finally I got the wormhole collapsed sign.

But it didn't really collapse as wormhole and signature was there, only to disappear after I warped off grid.

Being in wormhole with high-sec statics, you often get explorers visiting you. I had a chance to observe an inbound gank Astero vs Purifier. Bomber trying to gank frigate.

Unfortunately Astero escapes the bomber and the bomber escapes my Proteus. I hate when pilots do not panic and get their shit together while I wait for sensors to re-calibrate.

While I was fooling around, my new partner - Ganky Deska reports about potential targets. He spots some activity in the system nearby. There now is a mining procurer that we could gank.

I am not very into ganking t1 mining barges, but system was clean of anomalies and it was getting late, so we might as well gank and call it a day (or at least me as it was day time in US). However, upon further inspection, we noticed that procurer often appears on killmails. Ganky was fairly certain he could have been spotted. Circumstances immediately rang warning bells. Today's forecast was showing a high chance of bait.

Corp was Polaris space industries of Illusion of Solitude alliance. A small corp, but well known alliance. We do our research and decide to take the bait. Corp has only 14 members and there's around 3-4 people logged that we know of. I add other pvp pilots to watch list. Most of them appear to be offline.

I get my Domi fleet in position one jump out and I get my Proteus in position together with Ganky's Loki. He tackles the Loki, gets scrammed and shortly we see three ships coming in: Gnosis, Typhoon and Armageddon. I jump in my Domis and order warp.

"This person is either not a member of your fleet or not present in this solar system."

Whoooops. My brain totally failed me and I was still one jump out. I quickly warp to the right connection, while enemy fleet lands on us and starts slowly killing, starting with Loki.

Ganky orders the rest of his alts - two Stratios - to engage in the fight. My Dominixes move like turtles. The fact that we are under fire, doesn't make time go faster. When my backup arrives, enemy fleet is giving finishing touches to Stratios' strucutre. With my Proteus still on field, I cycle my tackle mods with every spare cap I can scrape. Quickly put up secondary tackles with my Dominixes and let Ogres do the dirty work. I manage to keep both hostile battleships in place and finish them off.

We lost the fight. At least it was not one sided, but I felt really bad for making such a crucial mistake. I have had similar mixups in the past. I need to stay focused. Our enemies seemed puzzled. At the time, Ganky was not yet in the corp due to 24 hour role freeze timer.

It would have been very hilarious if I was a third party.

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