Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Linux and EVE struggle

On and off I've been trying to combine EVE and Linux. I try to learn new OS and configure to my needs. It's been quite a challenge for someone coming from windows. It's been a struggle. I need to google to find out how to do simplest things.

I have setup EVE with Wine and I keep my scanner watching the system for targets while I do my thing. I managed to configure most stuff  to my preference, but only issue that is left is something do about EVE. The problem I have as a multiboxer, all instances are shown under Wine icon. I do not have separate clients in unity bar visible and only way I can swap between clients is alt+w shortcut. That is not very convenient as window order always changes. I've read that I could create virtual desktop, assign hotkeys and similar solutions, but being total noob I have been putting it off and focusing on programming my market app with python instead.

Idea was to keep scanner logged and whenever I saw a target I would log in with windows, perform a gank and go back to ubuntu. Not the most elegant solution. Of course I did not account on totally random things. For example getting ambushed on the wormhole or getting raped by sleepers in an anomaly. Which is just what almost happened.

System I have been stalking had some ships on. Suspecting locals might do the only anomaly in the system I decide to take initiative and make a 200km bookmark. As usual, I warp to 100 only to see myself land right on top of the mega structure and in the middle of sleepers. I try to warp back but get scrammed, neuted and webbed. Fuck fuck fuck, shit shit shit and many other similar words came through my mind. The Domi fleet was logged out and I was in Linux, which usually freezes my launcher if I try to launch more than 2 accounts. This is it, will I actually be killed by sleepers?

No, not if I can help it. I try to grab the straw and quickly log in my Dominixes. Thankfully launcher does not freeze. maybe has something to do with me updating to the new Wine version. I create fleet and warp urgently to my Proteus one by one. Strategic cruiser is at half armor and it is dropping fast. Once Dominixes land I put reps and try to setup a cap chain. Window order keeps shuffling and it's a total mess. To setup spider tank in these conditions is something like juggling balls and trying to take a shit at the same time. Possible, but not very convenient. I set my Warriors on guard mode and they soon kill all frigate sleepers that were scrambling my ships. Finally, I was ready to gtfo.

I warped out and went straight to high-sec. I needed to refill drones and I doubt locals would be doing any sites with me half-clearing a site right in front of their noses. It was a good lesson that taught me I am nowhere near ready to pilot multiboxing fleet in Linux environment.


  1. Hi Cloaky

    I also run Linux ( for my setup.

    Which distro do you run, which wine version, and which X manager?

    Are you running the EVE client in window mode? Under display and graphics when you hit escape key?

    Failing that, there was a way to set the wine configuration to launch in window mode - let me know and I will look it up... I have a screen shot of my EVE window settings if you want - mail me at and I will send it to you (apologies, not able to find an email address for you on the blog).

    1. Hi,

      I will hit you up after holidays ;). I couldn't make it out from screens, but do you have EVE windows displayed separately in the taskbar at the bottom?

    2. Hi Zosius, just received your query - sent a reply to the mail address the query came from. Not sure if it is my mail acting up or maybe spam filters that zap me? Please have a look and let me know!

  2. Hi.

    It would be really cool if ccp give us a native linux Support. It works with wine but you have also the problem that you dont have the dx11 visual effects I think ?!

    And I dont know the Problem, they can make a native support for mac os, which based on unix I think, why not for linux???