Monday, December 7, 2015

King of the hill

Something strange was going on in a c2 I've been staying at. I have a Minmatar shuttle on d-scan and it doesn't go away. Neither it is on any of celestials or signatures. I scan him out to investigate.

An empty shuttle sitting in the middle of space. It was not here earlier this morning. I also spot Prowler on d-scan for a short time. Suspecting something, I warp to the safe with the tower in range. I notice forcefield is missing. I get a visual and find a lone tower sitting with one unanchored module. Damn it. Tower was with hangers just earlier today. I completely missed the moving out op. Well, maybe not entirely. Prowler has yet to pick up this unanchored module.

In just a couple of minutes transport ship lands and I drop my cloak to properly greet him.

Pilot ejects and warps back, probably scared of interdictor. Good call, I would have done the same. I finish off his ship and cloak up. He never bothered to return for his tower.

Next day was the day I'm supposed to move out. Without any active towers, system is uninhabited and therefore, nothing to gank. A random d-scan reveals something interesting.

Looks like a town gathering. Something is definitely up and I want to be a part of it. I resolve ships at one of the high-sec connections.

I watch them for a bit and try to put up a plan. I don't know what they are doing here or where they came from. All I see are few wrecks on the field. After a couple of minutes, most of the fleet jumps out, leaving Rupture alone. This is it, this is my chance! If I attack now, they will be polarized and I can jump out if shit hits the fan. Wormhole looks healthy - above 50% mass. Of course Rupture can just jump out, but he seems to be out of range. And somehow, I feel the fleet is in a fighting mood.

I decloak and engage the cruiser. I get tackled in return and hear wormhole activation. Slowly more neutrals appear on the overview as my Domi fleet lands and we start the brawl.

It's a clusterfuck to multibox against so many neutrals, but I'm managing, somehow. Biggest pain in the ass is to focus fire on the same enemy and re-lock my fleet mates when I get jammed. For some reason, drone assist does not work when I shoot antimatter while having someone already scrammed. They don't have that much dps either and they seem to continue shooting my most tanked ship - Proteus. It's a slow fight, but I manage to kill their Hurricane Navy Issue and Rupture.

Seeing the fight's not going their way, eventually they all jump out. Wormhole goes below half mass and I'm left the last man standing.

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