Monday, March 30, 2015

Not fitting in

It's been awhile since my last post. I haven't been playing EVE much. Sometimes I wonder if moving back to lowsec was the right choice? I have changed 3 corps already. I'm considering of going back to w-space, but will give one last try to lowsec life. It sometimes can be just nostalgic memories. Like that show you liked as a kid, but after watching it as an adult you can't understand what was so special about it. Same I felt about lowsec. It's nice to smartbomb pods, kill ships that don't expect to be killed and not having to deal with bubbles, but something is missing. Unconsciously I scan and look for "something" in w-space to fill the void.

Pilgrimage trip back to w-space

I decided to pack my things and do a short trip to W-space. Just me and my alts. Go to the unknown and gank some stuff "solo". I think this play suits me well. I can play as a predictor while playing afk. I park my ships near wormholes and go watch TV, spend time with my girlfriend, study something or just plain relax. If I feel more like EVE, I just scan surrounding systems instead camping my selected home wormholes.

Perhaps solo life is for me? I don't really need the corp. Also, no sec status loss is when I can go back to ninja salvaging. Can't do that in lowsec. Not with 100 killrights above my head. I am still thinking and haven't decided on what I should do next, but for the short term - I will roam the w-space. I go to nearest CONCORD bureau. Pay off my dues and get sec status to 0. 

Afterwards, at full speed, I go towards the system where I left my Navy Dominixes to gather dust. I knew I shouldn't sell them. They are waiting for their owner to come back and that day is finally here. I jump in, check the fits and cargo hold only to be pleasantly surprised that everything is stocked up and I am good to go. I scan wormholes in the same system and off I go.

First encounter

My first encounter didn't take long. One wormhole I was watching suddenly had activation and Armageddon came through.

It's the guy from next c4. I know him. I've checked out the pos awhile ago. I guess they are rolling the wormhole. Soon Megathron jumps in and they both jump out. Yep, rolling the wormhole. Now the question is, is there anything I can do about it? BS probably gets spit out 10km off. So he would need to go back 5km before I kill him. Which I don't think is possible to do. First, because he will be half way before I lock him. And second, by the time my Dominixes come from connecting system it is very small chance I will kill it in time before he jumps back. Only way I could kill him is probably to go after him. But with no scout and not clear how much mass it has left, I might be having one way ticket here.

While I consider my options, Armageddon jumps in again. He is not activating his MWD and slowly is burning towards his wh. Fuck it. I decloak, scram and web him and initiate warp with my domi fleet. I desperately try to bump Armageddon, which is quite hard when he sucks you dry of capacitor. Thankfuly my Domi fleet is on grid and 3 ogre sets are doing their job.

Final seconds are counting. I can't tell if he is out of range to jump back. It looks like he is within 5km or very close. He can't be on the timer as he jumped out right after he came in first time. I only can assume he is a bit short. After several more seconds, his structure is gone and his ship pops. Pod warps away. I don't stick around and align to my safe spot too. I give gf in local, but don't get any response. Ah, those manners. 

Look at those plates. No wonder he was so slow. I really give credit to CCP about womhole jump range changes. Throwing out 10km out is what makes these kind of opportunities possible. It's best change w-space have received in awhile and I don't care what anybody says. A gank really gets my blood flowing. I would say I'm off to a good start.


  1. Seems like a hull tank fitting would give more EHP. DCII + bulkheads > armor plates without resists...

  2. The purpose of those plates is not EHP, but to have as much mass as possible to roll wh faster, which also makes them slower. Bulkheads to my knowledge do not add any mass

    1. You are right, I totally forgot what the actual purpose of the ship was..