Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sometimes you're ahead, sometimes you're behind

The good thing about EvE is that you never know what is coming. The potential of loss is just so great. One day you are earning isk plexing, the other day you get ganked with damage done over 30bil. There are several corps that specializes in plex ganking. It's quite amazing. One of notable corps that do this is Blood Union. I especially liked the video with adhocracy fighting off BU gank. Go check it out if you haven't seen it, it's not new, but it is some beautiful stuff. Anyhow, today's topic is not about losing a plexing fleet. We didn't, yet. It's about small gang pvp and ganks.


It was quite a boring day. Not much going on. You keep scouting and scanning, with hope that you will find something. It can become boring quite fast and I am sure any WH dweller, that has been looking for targets, will understand me. It's not like empire. You do not have local. You never know who is there. For all you know it, that next wormhole might have huge activity. No? Well the next one probably has some active ships in it. Still No? I'm sure a couple more wormholes will net you some results. Still no? Keep trying, I can feel something will happen. Ah, fuck it. Let's roll the static. WH day life can easily get into your mind. What does one do when bored? Some go afk and some, like me, do stupid shit.

But all it takes is one shout on teamspeak and everyone wakes up. "Ships on scan" I suddenly hear. It's like a bliss to my ears. I need a couple of seconds to wake up and understand what is going on. Turns out, we got connection to some active WH. Now, being a small corp, you always need to know what you are up against. You don't just blindly jump in and hope for the best. Well sometimes you do, but most likely you check out the pilot and the corp. In this case it's Blue-Fire. We had some experience with them before. It's quite an active WH corp that can field fleets similar to our size. We get ready.

The gank, when you are ahead

We get the fleet going. Meanwhile ,I jump in my scout/tackle proteus to look around. It's always best to know what's happening first hand. Quick flight around the system does not show many ships on dscan. At first glance system looks rather empty. Perhaps it's not their prime time, but you can never know. Perhaps fleet is somewhere else. Doesn't matter. We got our fleet ready and are ready to fight.

Proteus is strangely on the wormhole, jumps to our static and hugs the exit. Maybe waiting for me to go out. He feels confident. Too confident, but thats what we want. We warp in one proteus for a short 1 on 1 shootout while I decloak and wait on the other side. After changing ammo for awhile proteus does not seem to jump back and there's no big fleet coming to get our solo proteus, apart from loki landing on the wormhole. It's as good opportunity as we will get. Fleet jumps in and initiates warp, promptly scaring proteus which jumps back home. Feeling what is coming, both pilots try to burn out. I scram and web proteus and point loki, who quickly uses afterburner to get out of range before the rest of the gang lands. Fast forward a minute and we have a nice proteus kill.

Pilot throws a "good bait" comment in local. That is quite strange. Having me waiting on one side and another proteus shooting on the other side, is very weird bait if you asked me.

The gank, when you are behind

Most fleet logs out for the day and just a couple of guys are left. We jump into our cloaky doctrine and decide to do a little bit more scouting before sleep. Sure enough, suddenly there's another proteus on scan, sitting on the wormhole a jump out. Obvious bait? Probably, but we are cloaky so we feel a bit confident with our gtfo ability. 

We start engaging it, armor goes down and all looks well, apart from a small detail.  Dscan shows a bunch of ships with the same name tag. Well, that sux, but not unexpected. I order fleet, who is not tackled, to warp out and who is tackled, to jump out asap.  Everything goes as planned and everyone warps clear apart from the guy that was initially tackled. Unfortunately, turns out, that not all of us were cloaky and poor bastard that got tackled was without it. He joined TS and missed out cloaky part of a Cloaky Proteus. That's some bad luck.

Bob always gives and takes away. He is like a father to his children. One day he hands out candies to you and another day, he hands them out to others. Candies being you or someone else. However, Bob likes the bold and sacrifices. In the end, faith is always rewarded. Or that is what I believe.

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