Friday, February 7, 2014

Fooling around in W-space

Here's a question for you. What gets a wormholer excited? The answer - a dscan showing ships with no pos in range. This usually means that stuff is happening. The beauty of w-space, it's hit or miss. Few seconds too late and you might think system is abandoned. Few seconds too early and you might see someone jumping out of the wormhole you were just about to go in.. General rule of thumb is, that everyone flies some sort of cloaky ship. Exception is for industrials and ships that actually do pvp/pve. That means, if you see a ship, not cloaked, on dscan with no wrecks, you can be pretty damn sure there's a fleet somewhere nearby

Exciting travels

I was heading back home, after my failed hunt. The problem is always to get as close connection to home as possible. It didn't take long for me to find a HS exit, however as we did not have a good entrance, I decided to look around. Usually HS connections can provide a lot of targets so I launch my probes and right away I find a c3. A c3 with end of life. Normally I stay away from eol wormholes, because if you find targets, wait for fleet to come and etc, it might collapse. However, since it was just me I decided to go for it. Also, I neglected to mention, but during my hunt I semi afk camped wh of 16 hours lifespan, that was eol for 5 hours. So I do not care about eol as much. I pack my bags and hop in.

When in, right away I notice some activity. Transport ships keep appearing and disappearing. Great, I thought, logistics op is on! All would be nice except I also see a phobos, heavy interdictor.

Heavy dictor is not really a definition of stealth. Something is up and that can only mean one of two things. He is hunting industrials or protecting them and as seeing industrials still appear and disappear I would guess it's the latter. I decide not to be stealthy either as it's obvious I need to scan other wormholes to find what's going on. Few sigs make it easy and before I know it I got all the wormholes mapped. One of them being c5 (always a bad sign as c5/c6 equals medium+ fleets) and the other, as you could guess, is a high sec. Upon landing I see phobos sitting. Checking player reveals that it's a pilot from Sky Figters. Blah. I mentioned in one of my posts my encounter with them. It's quite an active WH corp and they usually have fleets that are far too much of a match for my domi fleet. Regardless, I decide to go and fool around. It's a healthy highsec after all, what's the worst could happen?

The worst could happen:
1. I land on the buble, get scram webbed and lose at least one ship. Having in mind how BS now warp slowly, I might lose all 3 of them
2. My eol connection collapses and I get stranded, with their scout seeing that and using opportunity to decloak me and rape all ships.
3. I get disconnected when engaging (not so uncommon) and log back in to find myself at the station in my pods.

The best could happen:
1. I get to kill polarized ship. Anything from useless hauler to shiny t3.

Clearly pros outweights cons so I decide to go for it. Jump in my domies, move and cloak up. Oh look, what a coincidence, a bubble goes up. Guess who has been actively watching dscan. Anyway, I decide to wait out a bit and let their mates comeback for the bubble to go down. After a couple of minutes bubble goes down. I quickly decloak and initiate warp. Wait a little and decloak my proteus. Lets get some action!

Before my domies land, I check dscan and oh boy. There has been a special fleet waiting for me, which did not waste time and was in warp before i landed. Bubble goes up, but unfortunately for them, not before I entered warp. I land with my ships on WH and think for a second what should I do.

I get immediately demotivated when I see 2 guardians on dscan. There's no way I can break tank with them on the field. I could play with the rest of the fleet, but at this point, it would be turkey shoot as I could not do much. Maybe even fuck up and let them bump one of my ships out of jumping range. I decide to bail. Not before some smack talk of course!

Smack talk is just smack. I don't really mean it what I say. In the end, I can't blame them. You never know what's waiting on the other side. In fact, respect for them getting a mediocre fleet (assuming no backup waiting). If it was not just me a lone, I for sure, would have given a fight.  Would I have brought guardians after seeing a proteus and a few dominixes on scan? You bet your ass I would have. Too bad, once you have a fleet it's rare to have a fight where one side does not overpower another. However, once you do, the experience is amazing. All that scouting and searching, sometimes leads to the best fights. Though I still prefer to gank a helpless ship. Ruining someone's day just makes me sleep better. I can't help it.

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