Tuesday, August 11, 2015

EVE and common sense

Some things in EVE just don't make sense. Don't make sense to me at least. I decided to do some order updating for my market alt. An activity I am doing once a month at best. I don't know why I bother, but it does help paying the plex bills of my trading alts. Everyone who does trading most likely, at least once, have price misstyped and sold item for ridiculous price. As it happened to me.

I was lucky I had my buy order setup just before I set the sales order. Unfortunately it was one quantity too small and I ended up donating 100mil to some trader. Not big money, but that could have easily have been 400mil. I saw many traders bring this up, yet no action from CCP whatsoever. Selling for price set and not to the highest order available can be especially dangerous when one has deep pockets. Set price for some expensive items with large quantity and mistype a price - potential loss of billions. It doesn't reward anything and instead it makes you miserable of losing hard earned ISK. If EVE had these small things polished up and give players less hassle for a change I would be very happy. One can dream no?

When EVE plays tricks on you

My stalking has been full of action. I had a glorious fight with an Imicus, a t1 scanning frigate, from which I came out a winner. With two small smartbombs and one medium blaster it took longer than you would expect.

Behold, a 1 million killmail. Totally worth it. I feel compelled to destroy ships that fit warp core stabilizers. It just makes me feel good about myself as if I made EVE a better place.

Of course I had few other opportunities but EVE did not want to let me use them. Take for instance this Astero.

You think everything looks normal? Well, it probably would if it was a mining site. But it is not. It is a Relic site. Those containers he is hacking? They magically disappeared after I made 100km bookmark and warped to it within 100km. I ended up with my standard 200km position with one small problem - I couldn't warp to Astero as cans were no longer visible.

No biggie, shit happens. I shrugged it off and waited for another chance. Next day I spot a Heron at the site. Everything looks good. I warp to 100km, make bookmark, warp to celestial and warp back to 100 again. Somehow data containers are far away and Heron is hacking empty space. I initiate warp and hope his ship is where I see him and it's only containers that are not displayed right.

A nice 8mil kill. I'm on fire! Of course when I approached wreck I couldn't open it. Go figure. I had to rewarp again for grid to be correctly synced again. At least they let me lock and shoot.

After stressful pvp I continue with my trading and do some market updating until I make one missclick. No, not the price.

I accidentally reset quickbar when trying to select bottom item. Might have seen this on reddit as I was quick to post a rant there. It is rather a big deal, since I spent a week reviewing and hand picking items, sorting them by investment value. All work gone in one click. It was a bit upsetting. It would have been a disaster if I hadn't 2 more accounts with the same list. It would have been gone forever. Instead, I had to navigate to systems folder, find EVE client, try to figure out which user<randomnumber>.dat files belong to who and make a copy from traders that still had this list to the one I deleted. Exporting/importing quickbar option? Giving a warning message? Madness! At least CCP Goliath replied and acknowledge the issue: "We have an open defect on this issue, no assignee at this time however.".

But wait, there's more! I was camping this c4 and suddenly hear a jump sound. Let's see who it is. Perhaps a potential target?

Well fuck. I see EVE working in mini window, but can't make it focused. I click on it and nothing happens. Of course Zosius' client opens up just fine. Not sure who's more at fault here, CCP or Microsoft.

On the bright side? I saw this Venture and said "Meh".

If a 2011 char mines in a venture in a wormhole system, he probably really needs that isk.

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