Sunday, August 30, 2015

Not your average day

Sometimes you must look for action, sometimes action comes to you. This is the life in EVE. It was supposed to be another standard day. I was in the middle of tackling an Astero that was unfortunate enough to do sites in the system with me present.

That was a good 120mil kill. And since the day was just starting, it set me in the right mood. You know, it was one of those moods when some people just dance or sing and be happy in general for no particular reason. I was happy too, but instead of dancing and singing I killed this Venture, that I normally wouldn't bother exposing myself for.

Things started getting interesting when I visited one of c4's and found activity. There were two Tengus and a Raven doing sites and from the looks of it, they just started.

Excellent! That leaves me a plenty of time to get my fleet in position. Besides, I don't like to make my move in a fresh site as sleepers are always on my ass. When everything is ready, I grab both Tengus. I only expect to hold one of them as it's hard to keep both ships tackled if they try to burn away, but this time they are up a fight.

Soon both ships fall to heavy neutralizers and drones. I check both wrecks, but find nothing more than t2 mods. Upon checking kills I see they both are fully t2 fit. While no shiny loot, two strategic cruisers is still a great catch.

I'm back at my home wormhole. It's been plenty of action so far, I feel like I have used up my luck for today. I haven't been intensely looking for ships to gank. All targets were just within a jump's reach from my home, but Bob proves me wrong again. He still requires for more sacrifices, and thus I see two ships appear on d-scan.

I find them at one of anomalies, fully occupied by sleepers. Without wasting much time, I make a position bookmark and think through my move.

As much as I would love to tackle them both, it's not going to be possible. They are too far apart, so I decide to prioritize Legion. It's a bit difficult to get to him as there are no celestials close by. He does seem to be burning towards sleepers he's shooting though. I warp to intercept, but land not quite where I wanted. Legion is still 28km off and there are a lot of wrecks on the field that I almost get decloaked too early.

Phew, that was a close call. Had I revealed myself too early, Legion could have gotten away, but in the end, I managed to slowboat into scram range and grab him. Domi fleet was staying in the same system, so they arrived quite early. I kept Gila on the endge of my point, but he managed to get away once he realized there's nothing can be done. Legion went down. There's nothing more satisfying than killing an active tanked ship with heavy neutralizers at your disposal.

Another t3 kill! A third within the same day. Bob has been very generous and as usual, I repay my respects with explosions. There's an understanding between both parties.

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