Monday, August 3, 2015

Stalking high-sec wormholes

I like nomadic lifestyle in EVE. It is best provided by wormholes, with their always changing location. Sometimes, you don't have any good connections available so you have to poke your head out in the empire. I ended in one of the high-secs, looking for new systems to stalk in, when I was surprised by local:

It's nice to meet someone who enjoys the stories I post, but it's also quite concerning. Concerning as in I'm an open book for anyone who reads my blog. By knowing how I operate it is very easy to send me back with pod-express. But that is a part of the excitement. It just reminds me to always be on my toes.

Daily life of Cloaky Bastard

So how does life look like between the ganks? Well, it's been pretty slow. You can feel the summer period, when people don't spend much in EVE. In summers, player online numbers are usually lower than in other seasons. I also noticed I haven't really had much heart in my play lately. Take for instance Magnate, strangely sitting in an empty space, doing absolutely nothing.

Surely full of billions of loot, left there for the lucky guy that will scan him out. Or maybe not. When I finish killing it with my two small smartbombs and a single neutron blaster, I get 4mil drop. It's nice to let my imagination run wild, but reality always hits it with a bat.

Besides me getting a petty kill, there have been some missed opportunities. I got excited when I jumped to one of C2s from high-sec.

It was the last of when I saw this Myrmidon. Probes were not mine and I'm pretty sure not his either, as he was gone in just a matter seconds. I wonder who was after him? I guess we will never know.

I decided to give a try to find targets in wormholes connecting to high-sec. While I am usually rolled deep down the chain, high-sec connections can be quite active. There are people using the opportunity to do a logistics run, day trippers having a shot at the riches of w-space loot and me, watching my targets cloaked up.

Other days Bob just likes to have fun with you.

Don't remember last time I had so many connections. It is quite hilarious having in mind it is a high-sec wormhole. Naturally, there won't be anyone with a little sense doing any pve activity with so many incoming wormholes, but pretty good chance of someone doing a logistics run from one of them. I parked my Proteus and waited.

Finally, I hear a jump sound. An Epithal goes to high-sec. I assume he is on his way to Jita as it was only several jumps out. I quickly log in my Jita alt and wait for him. Once he undocks I quickly cargo scan him to see what he is carrying.

Oh goody. A quick value lookup gives me an estimate of few hundred mil. I get my Proteus and Domi in position. I also have scanned his fittings. I am very demotivated to see WCS fitted. Inaccurate scan results did not let me see if warp core stabilizers are fully fitted in all low slots or just partly. Regardless, I'm taking a shot.

In just a couple of minutes transport ship is at the wormhole. With him now there's a Caracal cruiser. I don't care about the cruiser. Epithal jumps. I get my weapons hot. My tackle has 4 warp strenght, so if he has more than 3 warp core stabilizers, I am out of luck. I see him decloak and warp away like I was not even there. Damn. Caracal, on the other hand, is still holding cloak. Not sure if I can keep him from jumping back, but what do I have to lose? Cruiser decloaks and I get a tackle on him.

I manage to get a good bump with my Proteus. Once my fat potato, I mean Dominix, comes in, it bumps and sends Caracal flying opposite to the wormhole. When he is just about to explode, I see him jettison a can.

Cruiser was no more and all was quiet in the wormhole once again. A pretty normal, low value cruiser kill, but the mystery still remained. What is in the can? Well, it turns out he was carrying something more than just a pair of warp core stabilizers.

Guess he was doing a logistics run with his friend. If only he had fitted WCS in his lows and not carried in the cargo, he would have gotten away with it. I thank Bob for granting me this opportunity and not spewing cruiser out within 5km range of the wormhole. May Bob's name be praised now and forevermore.

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