Wednesday, July 29, 2015

When bugs become features

If you read reddit or EVE news, you probably noticed announcement related to Jump clones. In short, on the release of Aegis Sovereignty it was no longer necessary to have high standings (8+) with the corporation in order to create a jump clone at it's owned station. As stated by CCP Falcon:
"This was an unintended change that was a side effect of the release, however, after watching the reaction this change received from the community, we have decided that it will remain in place. This means that pilots will be able to continue to benefit from having no standings restriction on jump clone creation."
This makes me quite happy. I think this is a great idea and I have my own personal experience to back it up.

When I started EVE, I knew missions were not for me. I got tired of them and I believe I barely got to lvl 3 before I got fed up with them and turned to exploration instead. I was full time exploring high-sec and soon - low-sec. I was never a big missions guy. All my alliance grinded lvl4's. My friends had much higher and much more stable income than me. Besides ISK, there are also other advantages you get, like standings.

Standings were a pain in the ass. Only way I could get them was through missions. Without standings, meant I couldn't setup my jump clone. Unless corp had necessary standings (which it didn't) I couldn't do anything about it. That means I was always stuck in the same clone. I could not swap to a new empty clone to do some risky pvp. Flying with full slave set really made you second guess if that fight in wormhole was a guarantee win. Anything below that, was not worth it. Null ops were out of the question.

While there were public corps providing Jump Clone services, that meant I had to leave my corp. Which also was annoying, because I was a director, which meant 24 hours notice. I just didn't find it so appealing to go through all that hassle so I just did low-sec pvp exclusively and avoided taking big risks. That was until corp finally had necessary standings and I could swap to a cheap clone again.

It took time to grind the standings and should we moved to another area, story would be the same. I would be stuck with the same clone until I got new standings up with another corp. Not tragic, but you get where I'm going with this. So removing standing requirements I think is a great step. I'm just surprised it took an actual bug to make them realize that Jump Clones should be accessible for people that don't do missions too.

Now that this has been settled, how about reverting back the bug with SKINS? Community had a lot of fun being creative with applying ship skins. Have all skins available for all ships and make them cheap with limited supply and destructible.

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