Monday, July 6, 2015

Ambushing a pos fuel run

I've been stalking my new targets for whole day. While there has been intriguing moments of pve ships swapping, nothing really materialized. I minded my own business until I heard a wormhole jump sound. Its one of the corp guys in a Mammoth. This can only mean one thing - there must be a good connection to the trade hub. I discretely wait out some time and jump in to their c2 static. It has a lot of signatures and system huge. I have scanned the signatures, but there is no high-sec connection. I stick around and wait in hopes to see them doing another run so I could see direction they are warping.

I hear a jump sound. Mammoth is back. He goes back to pos and warps back to the wormhole. Jumps in and goes to another one, what appears to be another c2. I follow and resolve all signatures there. Sure enough, I find a high-sec connection. A one convenient connection it seems - only two jumps from Dodixie. I bet my pants that is where Mammoth is heading. I log in one of my high-sec alts that is conveniently sitting in Dodixie. I am interested to know if they are exporting stuff or importing.

Don't mind me, just another suicide ganker scanning ships. I doubt think this guy is suspecting a guy stalking him in his home wormhole with his high-sec alts scanning his cargo. Cargo scan reveals he is full of pos fuel. A quick estimation shows ship is now around 100 mil of worth. It's not exactly a Rattlesnake, but I am tired of waiting. I might as well go for it. Predictably he goes back and I greet him with full arms open and relieve him of his cargo.

I always love these situations, when you decloak and grab your prey. That unsuspecting "wtf" moment is really priceless. It might be a standard to-be ganked situation for them, but it usually is well laid trap from my side.

Playing cat and mouse

After killing a hauler, the game was up. There was no reason in hiding anymore. I also ganked with single Navy Dominix only and I see locals piqued interest in it.

Pvp ships are being swapped and many more are jettisoned from their hangars. I don't know what's the reason for that, but who cares. I need to play this right. Time for some mind games.

I warp back to wormhole and jump. Deliberately showing myself on scan. I know they have cloaked Sabre on the wormhole. I pretend that I am sort of going back from where I came from. After not getting reaction, I jump back. I cloak, decloak and warp to another wormhole, pretending to be overly safe, trying to get home.

I flew around, but could never trigger an actual reaction. Besides watching them swapping ships, I couldn't see them try to camp me or catch me. It was getting really late and I was ready to call it a day.

A Stratios with too fancy name to be casual showed up on scan. I guess this seals the deal. Perhaps BOB was watching over my shoulder. Had I baited these guys into a fight, I might had 3rd party join in. Time to call it a day.

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