Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Observing nature life cycle in EVE

Days run by, but I do not get any opportunity to gank anything. It looks like my new home is again another miner corp. Mining in t1 ships. Something not enough to make me want to break my cloak.

I don't mind periods of inactivity. It's not like I am sitting and watching ships at the pos all day. I usually do other things, usually watch TV or read some stuff, or write the blog. This gameplay lets me enjoy my time outside EVE while still playing EVE. I can hardly think any other style play that would allow such flexibility. Anything you do in this game ends up in a massive black hole, sucking up all your free time.

Sometimes, when I do feel like playing, I do proactive stuff, like scanning around looking for targets. I decided it was time to find a new home. I scanned surrounding systems, but there has not been anything going on. I parked my Proteus on one of the wormholes and went to do my thing. I get back when I hear a jump sound.

I see Sabre sitting on a c2 connection. It would be very interesting, except this particular pilot is from Spectraliz IIZ corporation. An extremely active corporation I might add. A lot of that activity is happening during my timezone. Fleet sizes are way beyond anything I could hope to fight. Sabre sitting there, means a gank is about to take place. I have no idea what or who. I checked that wormhole an hour ago and it was empty.

Sabre was sitting for a good while. I did not take time, but it was certainly more than 5 minutes. I did not know what to expect. There was nothing else going in or out and no other ships on scan. But make no mistake, this corp is deadly for someone like me. I keep watching the wormhole they came from. Suddenly I see a fleet jump in and warp to c2.

Screenshot shows only a part of it. A lot of them jumped in. I guess there are some unlucky schmucks on the other side. I later check their killboard and see they have scored some nice kills.

Four Dominixes were brutally slaughtered. As a Gallente pilot, it pains my heart to see them die without putting up a good fight. They were remote repair fit, but repair won't do much good when tank is drone damage amplifier mods. It feels quite an overkill for c2 class sites. I am both happy and sad. Sad that I did not time it correctly and did not gank them myself. Happy, that I did not time it correctly and did not gank them myself as there could have been 7 Dominixes and a Proteus on that kill report. I guess that is all part of an ecosystem. Some die and some live to fight another day.

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