Saturday, July 18, 2015

Grabbing a wormhole rolling battleship

I found a new home. I've settled in in a class 4 wormhole. Owners like to keep the place tidy. Only one anomaly present with no signatures. There's also activity going on at the tower.

I see a Rattlesnake warp out to a spot near the tower. Interesting. Will he do anomaly? That seems like the only logical choice. Unfortunately, he just warps back inside force field. I have no idea what was the purpose of this action. It's like he wanted to take his ship for a quick spin without any real intentions.

I keep my eyes on the tower, but no opportunity materializes. Bunch of characters log in and out, ships being swapped, but no one is doing any shooting. All they do is swap to Asteroses, scan the surrounding systems and then idle at the pos again. How boring.

Days go by and nothing new happens. Second anomaly pop up in addition to the first one. This system spawns anomalies really slow. The most action I was able to see was locals rolling active connections, but nothing beyond that. I was getting fed up. I am patient, but not that patient. It's been 4 days now and instead of just waiting for shiny kill, I will take what I can. My vacation is approaching, so chances are I won't be logging in for more than a week. Plenty of time for them to forget me.

Making a move

I log in early. Looks like I'm the only one as all my watchlist is red. I quickly pre-scan all the wormholes of the day and settle down. As expected, my preys log in, same as everyday. We have a very good timezone match.

After watching them for awhile, I finally spot an opportunity. I see two Megathrons warp to one of the wormholes. I follow. 

These guys are rolling wormholes in a very strange manner. They jump in and out, but instead of warping back, they just cloak up. Then slowly orbit back within the jump range while cloaked and jump once polarization timer has passed.

I don't like them having a cloak. If they have mwd fitted, they can very easily escape me. Plus, I may not be able to lock and decloak them if I am not very focused to see which direction their ship is at. Regardless, I decide to give it a shot. I patiently wait for them to jump out. I set 2500m orbit while cloaked and wait for that jump sound that will indicate they are back.

Wormhole sound goes from my speakers. This is it. I decloak and set approach the wormhole, so I would be in scram range. Both pilots probably are confused with Proteus suddenly appearing on grid. They hold their cloak and I have my hawk vision set on the overview. First Mega decloaks and my Proteus, with extra sensor booster in its mids, locks it in no time. Scrammed and webbed. I set full speed on collision course to get a bump. Meanwhile my blood thirsty Domi fleet is in warp.

When Domis land, there's only one Mega left on grid. The other guy suddenly appeared 100km off and vanished. I am pretty sure he used micro jump drive and cloaked himself. Weird choice instead of just flying to pos. I guess he felt safer in the arms of cloak than trusting his align speed to warp out back to tower. Once my Dominixes landed, Megathron melted pretty quickly.

That is a very strange fit for rolling wormholes. Usually people opt in for maximum mass by fitting plates, but these guys went for nano solution. Those armor resist modules did not help much. It makes little sense to fit them and should have just went for warpcore stablizers with some inertial stabilizers. If this ship is getting caught, few resist modules will not make a difference. No mid slots and no drones shows how little thought some people can put in what they are doing. But that works better for me. It's those kind of people make it possible for me to score kills.

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