Wednesday, July 22, 2015

A quick ambush

I scan the system and look for targets. After I killed an Orca, I needed a new place to crash at. Whilst resolving wormholes, I warp to signatures and make bookmarks. One particular wormhole I have landed on had less than 50% mass left. That's interesting. I waited for about few minutes to see if there is any activity here. It was quiet so I assumed that whatever happened here it was over and initiated warp to a next signature. As soon as I reached 50% speed I hear a wormhole sound. Cancel, cancel my warp! A wild Raven appears and then another. Wormhole goes critical.

Damn it. I was not prepared. My Domi pilots are not even logged in. Here's a good leasson to have my muscle ships ready on standby. There's little possibility I could tackle long enough for my Domi fleet to arrive. More likely, they could get a backup and I might end up trapped/dead on either side. I watch them both jump out and wormhole collapse behind them, leaving nothing, but my bookmark and Proteus in an empty space.

Another one bites the dust

I continue my journey, exploring the universe, scanning surrounding systems, watching people sitting safe at their towers, without them knowing they are being watched.

I love this kind of hunting. Wormhole space is really something. You never know who might be watching who. I feel like a in a jungle, waiting for that right moment to grab my prey while trying to be discrete and avoid becoming one myself.

It was rather quiet so I picked one connection set the orbit and went afk, while occasionally checking d-scan for targets. Suddenly I hear a jump sound. I check my EVE client and see a battleship.

An Apocalypse jumps in and burns back to wormhole. Another roller! This time I am prepared and will be waiting. He jumps out and I set my orbit to 2500 meters. Domi fleet is on standby. If he is serious about closing this wormhole, second trip should be coming soon.

Five minutes passes and I hear a jump sound. Wormhole goes below half mass. It must be him. Without waiting for him to drop session change cloak, I drop mine and burn to wormhole and order Domi fleet to warp. After little delay Apocalypse decloaks and gets his ass scrammed. I do one good bump at full speed and see his battleship turn around.

He, in return, locks me and sucks my capacitor dry. I cycle my tackle mods not to lose him. Soon my Domi fleet lands and I get secondary points. I guess I made a right call without waiting for him to show on grid. What a disappointment that would have been if it was just a random scout jumping in. But it wasn't and I have my target in place.

He is going down. No support is jumping in. I do not know if this guy was alone or not. I doubt it, as he is from Static-Noise corp from Upholders alliance, that is fairly active and has almost 100 members. Their killboard is quite green so I am very happy when Apocalypse finally explodes and I get to contribute to that little bit of red that is so missing.

I quickly kill the wreck and do a quick gtfo. You never know with these active corporations. It is always a race against time. Few seconds too late and I can have full corp on my ass.

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