Monday, September 5, 2016

Deceived by appearance

I was sitting on the wormhole when I heard an activation sound and saw a wild Scorpion appear.

Of course at the time I did not realize that. I saw a ship with a strange tail and automatically assumed it was a Rattlesnake. That damn ship has been burned to my retina by now and I completely forgot a ship like a Scorpion exists.

I watch it burn back to the wormhole and jump out. It's quite obvious the wormhole is being rolled. I set a close orbit with the Proteus, uncloak and align the Nestors and watch the clock. I patiently wait for 5 minute timer to pass. It's a very small time window to grab a rolling battleship. He must spawn far away from the wormhole and I must get a good bump if I want to prevent it from jumping back.  5 minutes passes, then 6 and then 7. I am getting nervous. I don't like to keep my Nestors exposed like that. You never know who else might be passing by, but my gut says I should soon see that Scorpion again. Finally, I hear a sound. Without waiting for the battleship to decloak, I warp in the fleet. Once the Scorpion decloaks, I tackle him and aim for a bump, but it isn't enough and the ship jumps back.

While I was waiting, I did the background check of the corp. It's fairly active, but it rarely has more than 5 people in a fleet. And even then, mostly it's cruiser sized fights. I am confident that my fleet was a big surprise and they won't have any fleet assembled capable to fight it. I decide to go after the Scorpion.

I lock the ship before it manages to warp. Scorpion being Scorpion, jams my Proteus, but not before I get the positive locks with the Nestors. I can really feel the experience in multiboxing paying off. As long it's a gank of 1-2 ships, it usually goes flawlessly. The Scorpion explodes and a pod warps away.

Besides just being a t1 battleship, it's a nice addition to my collection. Not sure if I have even killed one before since I started stalking.

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