Saturday, December 10, 2016

Will never let you go

When I choose a place I never know when my targets will appear. Sometimes I end up just sitting in one system for way too long. How does one know when it's been too long? When your targets gets evicted, that's when.

Odin's call noticed an opportunity and bashed all the towers for some loot pinata. Look at those Bhaalgorns. Imagining having them their way with my Nestors sends the shiver down my spine. Even locals made an effort to log in.

After a few days, system was empty again, except besides absent of ships, now it was absent of any active towers. Time to scan the system and find a new home. I rumble like an old man and get to work. Jumping to one of the systems, I get pleasantly surprised.

A Tengu and sleeper wrecks on scan. Having in mind that it's a c4 wormhole, I get excited. A strategic cruiser being able to do sleeper sites in this kind of system is bound to have some shinies on it. I quickly resolve the anomaly and wait for my moment. It's a bit tricky to get a good warp in position. Tengu is orbiting with 1k ms speed and big range. But besides a small challenge, there's nothing more to it. I finally manage to intercept the Tengu.

The pilot screams to let him go. I don't know why people do that. Has it ever worked for anyone? What do they expect to happen? "Oh sorry, didn't mean it, buddy. There, you are free to go"? When verbal ecm fails, I get called a scum. How dare I attack a ship.

The Tengu pops and I collect a cool 500mil for my troubles.

Ain't that a nice find.

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